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Hookup culture

Hookup culture

Across the West we are seeing once again seeing a free love or hookup culture emerging. A culture where casual sexual encounters are not only normalized, but encouraged. In a world where casual sex is just a swipe away, casual sex is thriving. The media and pop culture are all embracing this as an act of empowerment. Probably most people you know have either had or are having one night stands frequently. But what are the consequences of the Hookup culture for our people? 

Feeling Sad?
While it is normal as a human being to crave physical attention from the other sex, we see that most people who hook up a lot don’t seem to necessarily be better off after. The American Psychological Association has recently cited a web-based study of almost 1500 students which reported several negative consequences of hooking up. 27,1% felt embarrassed, 24,7% had emotional difficulties, 20,8% experienced a loss of self-respect and for 10%, it even brought difficulties while having a steady partner. Although a primal need to have intercourse does exist in nearly every male or female, we see that casual intercourse like a beast does not help you gain long term happiness. 

Feeling Sick?
Sexually transmitted diseases cannot be ignored when we are talking about this topic. I want to quote the annual report of the European centre of disease prevention and control. Guess what? From 2007 to 2016 LGV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis within Europe are on the rise. These are of course the reported cases, so one can safely assume it might be worse. Within the hookup culture, encounters are usually infused with the consumption of alcohol and this generally does not lead to the greatest of decisions. The decision to not use a condom for instance, or to use a condom but still have unprotected oral sex. People making risky drunk decisions often put the entire public at risk by spreading their diseases across the continent. Sometimes, they sleep with so many people they generally don’t even know they are sick themselves, thanks sexual freedom!

Hookup culture
The cost?

Feeling Alone?
The trend of divorce being on the rise and marriage declining is clear in Europe. I do not have a source literally linking this directly to the hookup culture, but let’s be real. Is a university going to promote traditional social norms by linking sexual liberation to the downfall of the nuclear family? I assume not. While we live in a society where apps for people cheating within marriages are allowed to advertise legally, while casual sex is normal and even encouraged the family will suffer.


Study: Counterintuitive Trends in the Link Between Premarital Sex and Marital Stability
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What There Is To Be Done
While we will probably not stop this problem tomorrow, we can take steps to ensure its future demise. We as a people need to morally condemn this attack on our minds, our body and our families. When your best friend catches an STD or wants a high five for a hookup. Ask them the questions that truly matter. Did this really help you to achieve long term happiness? Not partaking isn’t enough, we need to condemn it everywhere we can. 

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