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Feminism: The War Against Men


“More than $1 Billion in New Capital Has Been Earmarked for Woman Entrepreneurs” reads the title of an article. We see more and more that big money and big corporations are taking an explicit feminist stand. At least, that is what we are led to believe. The definition of feminism is as follows; The advocacy of women’s right on the ground of equality of the sexes. Sounds harmless. But is equality something these companies, funds and people truly cherish? Or are there more sinister forces at play?

Equality For Me, But Not For Thee
Woman entrepreneurs, female STEM scientists or quotas for women in politics and the boardroom. We have all heard of them. The idea is that if we force people to accept women in high places, equality will be reached and sexism will finally become a thing of the past. Herein lies the root of the problem: feminism is about getting women in high places. Here are some fun equality facts; Most people who work in mines are men, most people who work in garbage disposal are men, most people who work with dangerous chemicals or equipment are men.

Yet, no feminist is focusing on getting women in a damp dark dangerous mine shaft, no female politician is promising young girls they too can stand all day on a smelly garbage truck. Feminist do not care about professions that aren’t glamorous and do not bring home big pay checks. Let alone bringing their fellow women into professions where they could seriously hurt themselves, who would want that? When your feminist politicians tell you about inequality between men and women, it is not about equality. It is about getting women ahead of men, nothing more and nothing less. They will never create a female garbage disposal worker quota, because simply no woman on earth would vote for this. To put it more bluntly, feminists don’t care that men do all the dirty work.

We Are All The Same, Unless You Are A Male
The world prison population is a fine example of how much feminists actually care about biological determinism when it comes to gender outcomes. The gender distribution of the world prison population is overwhelmingly male. For every 15 males in jail there is 1 female. In the feminist worldview you are a sexist for saying that men are naturally more inclined to lead in politics or business. If you as a CEO of a multinational corporation utter such a statement in public, it would be akin to career suicide. Yet we hear not a single feminist saying the unfair male / female ratios in prisons are a product of sexism. This is where feminist show their true colours once again, they personally accept that there are biological differences between men and women when it comes to aggression and the likeliness of committing a crime, they acknowledge this leads to a different outcome for men and women. The only true reason they are willing to accept this, is because men are disproportionately the victim instead of women. Feminism once again proves to be not about equality, but about getting women to top. (or at least not left at the bottom)

Call It What It Is
We should not let feminists get away with claiming they are for equality since they are obviously not. They are female supremacists and should be named in public as such. Most men are too simple and stupid to realise that feminism as defined in the dictionary does not exist in reality. They will not understand that people who talk about equality can actually be anti-equality. In a world where social justice seems to be all the rage, I propose that in discussions with feminists we equally demand our own social justice. Even if it is just for the sake of exposing them for what they truly are.

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