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Diversity has become a cult whose orthodoxies may not be questioned, but where did it come from? It has no charismatic leader, nor is it moored in academic studies or philosophy.  It’s more or less emerged over time from the absurd culture of political correctness on college campuses. Views with no factual basis became axiomatic, slowly forging a worldview that was to be celebrated for reasons mostly unknown. That’s how faith works.

Diversity as an ideology is the creation of white, educated people who are cloistered from its downsides where they live. You don’t hear black people in their communities talking about how diversity makes them stronger.

Chris Beck

The West, by establishing a priority that valued reason above tradition, enabled by the psychological will to expel social dogma and the incorrigible desire to follow truth wherever it leads,  has achieved;   

  • The Enlightenment
  • The glorious revolution, first implementing republicanism in England then across Europe 
  • The establishment of democratic institutions, empowering all demographics to pursue justice, to create law and develop an authority able to enforce its order 
  • The build-up of extensive engineering and industrial skill that made the industrial revolution possible, and the industrial revolution itself, and its eventual beneficial cultural implications  
  • The most contributions to the periodic table, the first discovery of a planet using a telescope and the first to step foot on an extra-terrestrial body

Not only is the Left increasingly hostile to the discovery of truth, their remit increasingly fails to stretch beyond a commitment to the destruction of the West,  its values and ultimately the replacement of its people.  To reimpose political dogma in place of the religious dogma it took us so long to destroy.

The religion of Diversity

Justice – The quality of being fair and reasonable

Correct – Free from error; in accordance with fact or truth

These two words have distinct definitions meaning particular things,  when we place words in front of them however it alters that meaning.  What is ‘politically correct’ is separate from what is simply ‘correct’, because it is determined through the prism of political dogma.  ‘Social justice’ is separate from pure ‘justice’ because it refocuses justice to comply with certain social attitudes, usually formed subject to identity.   This practice of manipulating definitions demonstrates a mentality adverse to honesty and fertile to delusion, the fact that the Left are becoming authoritarian makes the description; ‘Liberal’ void.  The Left now can increasingly be defined as a Neo-Liberal diversity cult.   

This diversity cult of the far-Left perceive Western society to be fundamentally founded on oppression. Of racial minorities and with regard to gender and sexuality, because of inequality, imperialism and evil itself. Their ultimate agenda is to de-mantel the West and replace its people. This hypocritical, illiberal pursuit of Liberalism, is like saying you have a commitment to peace but are willing to slaughter anyone who disagrees.

Europe is not free, because freedom begins with speaking the truth…  It is forbidden to say that.. Europe is being threatened by mass migration. It is forbidden to say that tens of millions are ready to set out in our direction. It is forbidden to say that immigration brings crime and terrorism to our countries. It is forbidden to say that the masses of people coming from different civilisations pose a threat to our way of life, our culture, our customs, and our Christian traditions. It is forbidden to say that, instead of integrating, those who arrived here earlier have built a world of their own, with their own laws and ideals, which is forcing apart the thousand-year-old structure of Europe. It is forbidden to say that this is not accidental and not a chain of unintentional consequences, but a planned, orchestrated campaign, a mass of people directed towards us. .. It is forbidden to say that the purpose of settling these people here is to redraw the religious and cultural map of Europe and to reconfigure its ethnic foundations, thereby eliminating nation states, which are the last obstacle to the international movement.

Viktor Orbán
Death by diversity

The modern Left has moved away from being a political alternative based in fairness, and instead ‘diversity’ has been adopted as the official secular religion of the state, requiring and compelling its citizens to have faith in what it cannot prove and treating its opponents as heretics.

Opposing Political Correctness is increasingly equivalent to blasphemy and being white or male or heterosexual is equivalent to the ecclesiastical notion of original sin, from which abstinence can only follow adequate repentance. This has been deliberately manufactured by an unholy combination of corporate elites and liberals who have made an alliance to pursue their mutual globalist, transnational endeavours, regardless of the cost to the people. 

To this end they have infected the media to subvert the nation into having anti nationalist values, values they would never hold void the influence of these globalists. Through this initiative they have industrialised resentment of whiteness, through the propagation of guilt initiatives focused around the Transatlantic slave trade, ’the’ Holocaust, and imperialism, and to the extent that ‘toxic whiteness’ exists and is somehow partly responsible for the concept of scarcity,  while ignoring and undermining the scope and uniqueness of white achievements.  This is enforced through the tools of influence such as music, pop culture and academia as well as the church.   SJWs are the modern manifestation of the witch hunters of the 1600s,  and indeed the same people to advocate these illogical ends now probably would have then too. 

We are returning to an age where an accusation, of the wrong crime, condemns. Equivalent to a time where the accusation of a witch carries the weight of others opinion even if not your own.

The socially permitted obligation of white people, has become to demonstrate devotion to this higher cause, and to disregard their ‘own’ selfish racial group interests. With this new remit, the West has had to abandoned its old tenants including the pursuit of scientific and ethical truth.   

When whites do support their own collective interest through democratic means they are vilified for failing to comply to a great enough extent with the cult of altruism.

Colonialists, especially in the case of a nation that embraced slavery, have about as much chance at redemption as the biblical blasphemers against the Holy Spirit. Some sins are beyond forgiveness…The ascendance of the Bernie Sanders wing is driving the Democrats leftwards, thus strengthening this strain of anti-Americanism within the party. This presents some serious strategic challenges. 

Chris Beck

The Marxist attempt to integrate Freudian phycology into the economic model was to construct aN oppressive narrative around Western culture and to create the victimhood capital they required to achieve their wider economic and authoritarian objectives.   This process has now been achieved with all influential areas of culture captivated by forces actively hostile to the aspirations of the host nation.

The media, education institutes and political institutions, although not so directly corrupted have constitutional cracks beginning to appear and the classical, duel, adversarial party system is braking down as the parties are fractured along more complex, deeper rooted divides.  

Unlike fights over economic resources identity claims are usually non negotiable, rights to social recognition based on race, ethnicity or gender are based on fixed biological characteristics and cannot be traded for other goods or abridged in any way 

Francis Fukuyama

A Permissible Climate

This climate has been engendered partly by traditional cultural attitudes of curtesy in the west, which dictate permissible tone of discourse. Its acceptable to punch-up with regards to making fun of that which you envy but not to punch down at those less fortunate. Although this culture that condones snobbery as unbecoming but allows inverted snobbery, has relatively shallow implications, how this manifests in the socio-economic sphere through political enfranchisement has had very deep implications. 

This condition has incubated a climate where hostility to the conservative party is almost the only socially acceptable position to obtain and to be conservative is synonymous with apathy.

The cult of diversity is able to seep into cultural institutions not because of the economic but emotive social implications of issues, this is combined with corporate pressure in competitive environments to be as hospitable as possible and to avoid controversy. These are boards of people trying to make money not philosophers.


Great things just happen naturally terrible things are someone’s fault

Thomas Sowell
Articulated attitudes of entitlement

We know from growing up that some people are more capable sportsmen and others better understand maths.  Everyone accepts there are individual differences in aptitude and ability, different people have different propensities for different activities. But the Neo-Liberal cult insist we buy into the conclusion, presumably for the sake of courtesy, that when we add all these individuals together, and consider group averages. The average (of all racial groups) will always amount to the same. 

We will acknowledge the difference between two groups that stay clear of this diversity cult, such as people who live in houses with red or blue doors,  but when these groups are racial or to a lesser extent based on gender or sexuality or religion simply acknowledging the data becomes socially prohibited given the power of this cult’s influence. 

Outside of this delusional cult inequality is the norm, and nature does not care about compliance with left wing notions of fairness. Not even natural disasters happen ‘equally’, where it is hottest and where its coldest happen primarily in particular places. The Partico principle that is demonstrated across the natural world as well as in population growths, demonstrates natures tendency to be unequal, 80/20 over 50/50. This doesn’t mean we should not strive to be as fair as possible but it does demonstrate that these problems are not the fault of white people and are naturally embedded and that it is unnatural to rectify them to some degree. The Left don’t just think people should be treated the same, they think they are the same, interchangeable, but yet still want to replace the white ones. The Left are in a hole they keep digging and all the layers of hypocrisy are becoming more visible.

Similarly we don’t notice making observations on nature programmes about the relative intellect of alternative sub-species of squirrel, but to consider the same logical application to humans is beyond the remit of acceptability. Given evolution occurs you would expect intellect and physical ability to differ theoretically.  

Inside the diversity cult however, pathological patterns of thinking emerge as a result of this loose foundation in reality. Double standards form from intellectually inconsistent thinking around what is okay for one religion but not okay for another, and what is okay for some races. Blind loyalty to Islam because of their status on the oppression Olympics pyramid not because of an alliance based on reason. Because everything is perceived through this wider lens of Western oppression only white heterosexual ‘cis’ gendered males are capable of evil, and they can therefore ignore actual evidence of sexism or human rights abuses, because they are not really responsible. However Christianity, a Westernised religion of mainly whites can be vividly opposed making different conclusions regarding the same issues of each.  Being hysterical about ‘hate speech’ from one group but denying another. Homogeneity being okay only for some races, contradicting traditional definitions of racism itself. It’s OK to make appearance based comments about some genetic traits such as hair colour but not others perceived to be ‘racial’.

Numbers and facts that demonstrate and reflect actual realities, that they disagree with become racist. They don’t care if something is true, they care if it is racist and when evidence disproves them it becomes part of the oppressive racist structure. Something can be true and racist.

We end up with opinions, which get enshrined into law eventually, such as; It’s not extreme to allow people with hostile cultures into your own society, therefore permitting the acts of terrorism that inevitably result from such policies. But it is extreme to dare oppose it. 



Programmes keep learning racism. We know black people are more likely to be in the lower socio economic groups. We know people in the lower socio-economic groups are more likely to commit crimes. If we deny this we either cannot effectively police crime or, when we do, we consider it racist.  

Preventative policing programmes always end up ‘learning racism’ and advising cops to spend time policing black areas, but even when race is removed as a factor the algorithms will find alternatives for race and under the persuasions of the diversity cult, the only way to achieve results that are not racist, is by not achieving results.

It learns racism because races act disproportionately and it notices as humans have,  it is only the Leftist cult who insist every race is the same and pretending otherwise is racist.


A fridge of society will always be autistic about following the current cultural doctrine because that’s what they were taught, NPCs resemble the swat child at primary school, in the year below who tells you ‘you’re not allowed to swear’. But it is the inquisitive kid testing the vocational boundaries of their educator’s wisdom in order that they may draw their own conclusions regarding the line at which social convention should be conducted, that get punished. So too are those who oppose Political Correctness and the doctrine of the cult, helping progress culture past the contemporary dark ages.

Why is the idea of white pride so offensive and triggering to this cult of SJW’s and NPC’s, after all it says nothing about anyone else. However it contradicts and challenges the core dogma in their ideological spiritualism, perceiving everything through the perception of historic oppression of whites against others, it is not okay be white as far as they are concerned.  

These people oppose hate and do so by hating it, this suggests it is not hate they oppose at all but people who disagree with their politics.


They are the ones demanding you see the world a certain way.. to see the world in an unnatural way divorced from experience, there the one making the demand.  Why is it whites in the South East US or whites in South Africa, who have learned hard lessons from prolonged contact with blacks have the most negative views of them.. Shouldn’t the whites in south Africa and the whites in South East US have the most positive views of blacks given that they have had the most contact with them? It seems like the people who knew them the best liked them the least … And you can go back into the world and say you’re not evil because you’re an ‘individualist’, but this doesn’t stand up in the real world where you will simply be regarded as evil anyway.

Today it’s a race cult, the primacy of race has asserted itself rigorously

The Alternative Hypothesis


The word ‘racism’ at the core of the culture war, implies that you believe in a disparity between the net overall merit of races, but also that you are morally bankrupt for doing so. Because it is an insult and has those connotations. But believing in the disparity between race IQs, and that evolution didn’t stop at the brain, that has factual basis, will also define you as racist. It is intellectually honest to be racist.    

They claim that homosexuality is ‘normal’ but given that most people are not, by definition it is not.   

And the definition of gender has somehow been removed from its biological foundation and twisted into something cultural, that it is not, by Left wing academics. 

However even Left wing identity politics is really white identity politics. Because all Liberal notions of fairness, Women’s rights, environmental and animal rights, sexual freedoms, ‘abortion rights’, Liberal secular politics themselves are all unique to white people and only practised amongst white people and voted for democratically by white people. And these are not as practised in foreign countries, nor will they be if demographic replacement is achieved. Where is the evidence?  

Whats at Stake?

The position of high priest is currently staffed by someone who is deemed insufficiently pious to the doctrine of this church. The clergy otherwise known as the media treat him with the legitimacy of an antipope for his blasphemy, border walls, anti globalist language, muslim ban

Vortex Politics

Free speech,  corporate laws and legal contracts to ensure the fair practise of commerce and procurement. Sanitation and irrigation, prison complexes and an authority capable of enforcing order, the welfare system to support such institutions. The personnel that can produce the intellectual property that develops such altruistic commons and means.  Architecture we have ancestral ties to, non corrupt public bodies, investment toward scientific understanding, reduced levels of disease, increased levels of desirable technology, investment towards universities. Lower levels of crime, living in high trust societies. White, Western culture is at risk. and diversity threatens it. It is the Left who say diversity is our strength, perhaps because it is the Left’s strength, and therefore the nation’s weakness.

The enlightenment was fought against opposition to who wanted to remain in the dark. These dogmatic Catholic forces threatened our great historic awakening. The etymology of the term Catholic means ‘universal’,  and this is another factor in this sequence. That cults are always trying to indoctrinate others because of their own moral bigotry.   

The Left has changed over time from the support of the economically disenfranchised to the socially, but it has always been a trans-national movement which is why they see it as necessary to spread their ideology and thinking, to everyone and that everyone is capable and willing to adopt it. However there is no universal man and this is only recognised by national movements.

These people are diversity zealots who like creationist zealots believe specific fantasies. In a way it is more ridiculous, instead of thinking ‘that it’s the way it is because that’s the way God made it’ ,  they think ‘that’s the way it is because that’s the way we want it to be’.  

The interesting thing about a liberal theocratic sate is that it is very powerful right up to the instant it is not, there is generally no singular event that brings it down, only cumulative things that  build towards the initiation of the cascade. Like a dictatorship, when a theocracy falls it is because it has already been discredited and public support has already eroded before whatever catalyst ultimately nudges it over, It is the last to know that it has lost power.  

VertigoPolitix on the diversity cult


Our ancestors gave their lives to pass on the very culture that this cult sees as satanic, that they are tarnishing beyond recognition, slowly making these sacrifices void. They insist on throwing away what was passed to us with the bleeding hands of our fathers.

Soon the people who want continuity not diversity, who want to sustain the institutions that created our culture and preserve it, as it was passed to us, and as is our duty to, in turn, pass on, undiminished will be out voted the more diversity occurs.   

Because of our susceptibility to this cult that has corrupted our own sense of compassion, we celebrate the fact we are replacing ourselves. This is unprecedented in history for any species to invite its competition, and indeed whites face all the classical causes of extinction.

Japan who has not been infected by this cult will continue to be culturally, linguistically and religiously Japanese into the future, they will retain their identity traditions and way of life as well as social cohesion and economic standards and stability but the West won’t.  

An overly Liberal society trying to prosper is like a classroom without rules trying to learn. We need to harness discontentment and turn it into motivation, and then use this motivation as a catalyst for positive change. Freedom is another word for chaos. 

Nationalists of the world unite, all you have to loose are your chains.

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