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What is “Degeneracy”?


What is “Degeneracy”? Article by guest writer, Xurious.


We have an instinctive sense of what “degeneracy” is; for example, many would agree that pornography, gay pride, hook-up culture, abortions, and trans-genderism are degenerate, but also that post-modern art, architecture, and consumer culture are degenerate too. But what do all these things have in common, such that they can fall under the same description? This is revealed by a deeper understanding of what “degeneracy” means, through looking at the etymology of the word.

To “generate” is to create, therefore to “degenerate” is to destroy. The root gen can be found in many words, such as gender, genitals, genetics, generation, genius and Genesis; All these things create new forms; gender, genitals, genetics, and generation are all associated with the creation of new forms of life; a genius creates new paradigms of thought, breakthroughs that lead to ever more creative possibilities; Genesis, refers to the entirety of creation itself, with God – however one conceives it – as the ultimate creator.

Degeneracy is the destruction, or corruption, of previously made forms, whether forms made by man or by nature itself. Pornography, gay pride, and other forms of sexual deviancy are degenerate because they inhibit the creation of new generations of people – instead making sex an uncreative act performed for hedonistic pleasure alone. They are anti-family and anti-children. The same can be said of hook-up culture, abortions, and birth control. It is especially true of  trans-genderism, the literal destruction of genitalia, which annihilates the possibility of creating new generations. The pushing of trans-genderism on young children is particularly sick and harmful in this respect, especially since the parents and teachers that do this, believe themselves to be doing good, according to the warped inverted morality of post-modernism.

Why then are post-modern art and architecture also considered degenerate? Much of post-modern art seeks to “deconstruct” the aesthetic of classical art. It is relativistic in that implies that beauty has no objective measure or purpose, therefore anything can be beautiful, and so it raises ugliness to the same level as beauty. Hence we see such instinctively disgusting abominations displayed as if they of equal value to the most beautiful works of man’s creation. Post-modern art exists to insult some of the greatest achievements of civilisation, much of which was produced in an effort to connect man with a sense of the divine, by appealing to natural aesthetics that tune us in to the patterns of creation found within and without us. This form of degeneracy seeks to destroy beauty. It is not creative, but anti-creative.

Consumer culture and materialism are similarly degenerate, in that they reduce man to a mere economic unit, with no higher sense of destiny, meaning or purpose, just something that exists only to satisfy base instincts as much as possible regardless of the outcome.

Degeneracy is therefore a very important concept, one with far reaching implications. To understand that something can be degenerate, means one understands that the opposite is also possible; to be generate. This understanding speaks to the recognition of a natural order that exists objectively to ourselves, one that we are a part of, and that intimately connects us as individuals, lovers, families, communities and nations to a greater whole. The opposite of degeneracy, regeneracy, is to consciously recognise and realign oneself with the natural values that are instinctively expressed through healthy, authentic living;  values such as Identity, Hierarchy, Community, Aesthetics, Family, Love, Natural Order and ultimately God.


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