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A Tale of Two Walls


The saying goes: “Walls make good neighbours”. History has shown it to be true countless times over. From fences around a farm to keep the livestock in and the predators out, to city walls which kept the citizenry safe while keeping bandits and foreingers out. Walls have been around since the dawn of human civilisation for a good reason.

Every single settlement and city in ancient times up till recently, had a wall around its perimiter. Later these boundaries grew and grew, but always there were walls and fortifications. The express purpose of which was and is to keep outsiders and undesirables out, and to keep the citizens and inhabitants safe.

Small wonder then that contemporary nation-states would have borders, boundaries of their territory. These are also walls, no less relevant than the walls of people’s homes. A good way of thinking about borders is just as such. The walls of your extended tribe’s home(land).

A famous and very well known example is the Great Wall of China. Built because of the threat from the Xiongnu, who possibly became the ancestors of the Huns in ages past.

A giant structure to defend a vast domain. Completely natural, completely justified, completely necessary.

A contemporary example are the walls in Israel, along the West Bank yes, but there are many more. From Jerusalem Post:

The “wall” most comparable to what Trump is suggesting is the one along the southern border with Egypt.

That barrier—a “smart” barbed-wire structure equipped with cameras, radar and motion detectors—“was erected to prevent illegal [African] migrants from crossing over a once-porous border into Israel,” Yehuda Ben Meir, head of the National Security and Public Opinion Project at the Tel Aviv-based Institute for National Security Studies.

A wall to stop illegal immigration, criminals, drugs, crimes, weapons, terrorists, smuggling of all sorts…

Sounds familiar.

Of course, it is justified that Israel has built walls to protect its territory. The same goes for all other nations.

But many people seem to forget this when Americans argue for a wall along their southern border. Suddenly it is “racist” and “bigoted”, “it won’t work” they say…

It works in Israel. It was effective in China. The same is true for all other nations.

Walls improve relations between nations because when they have barriers between eachother it becomes harder for each to blame the other for their problems.

It is easier to set your house in order when it has clearly defined borders.

Just how hard would it be for people to keep their homes clean and tidy if there were no walls? Unimaginable scenario, right?

The same is true for a nation’s borders.

Walls make it harder to invade a nation’s teritorry too, thus making agression less likely. Borders really do make good neighbours.

So it is completely justified for the American people, for any people, to want a big fat beautiful wall to protect their lives, their territory and their children.

To oppose a wall for America while at the same time supporting Israel’s wall is hypocritical.

Any nation can build a wall. Every nation is entitled to this.

Build that wall, America.

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