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The EU Elections: Who to vote for across Europe?

As the EU elections draw near, it is time to decide who you’ll be voting as MEP for your respective country.
Even though we know the EU is a sham democracy, it is much better to have people in there that reflect our views than a progressive. Time for the decent Europeans to elect Parties & members who’ll fight immigration and ridiculous laws.
Here is your list of who to vote for in your country. Tell your family, tell your friends and tell anyone who’ll listen about how we need to stop Europe becoming an extension of Africa & Asia.
There is only one party to vote for in Austria and that is the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO).
In the soon to be Islamic state of Belgium, the party to vote for is Vlaams Belang
2 choices in Bulgaria, depending on your views. You have the Bulgarian Nationalist Movement (IMRO-BNM) or the populist Reload Bulgaria.
Czech Republic
The National Democracy Party (Party of Common Sense) is your best bet here.
The Croatian Party of Rights is possibly the best choice for the locals.
In a country where you are free to say whatever you like and no one cares, the option you have is the National Popular Front (ELAM).
The Danes need to get behind the Danish Peoples Party. Already popular in Denmark, more representation in the EU can only be a good thing.
It doesn’t appear that the Estonian Independence Party is running a candidate, therefore Estonians need to vote for  The Conservative Peoples Party of Estonia (EKRE). An interview will be coming up from them too in June.
The French (not the new French…) need to vote for either National Rally or The Patriots. Both parties are Anti-EU and Immigration.
The Finns should vote for The Finns. A simply named party which should make it easy to remember when it comes to vote.
Despite threats of violence, actual violence and smearing from countries outside of Germany, the AFD is what the locals should be backing.
A country that has been repeatedly beaten down by the EU and hordes of migrants, Golden Dawn are the party for the Greeks.
The poster child country that right-wingers from other countries look up to has 2 choices. There is Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) or Our Homeland Movement.
Despite some trips to a certain part of the Middle East, Salvini is still one of the best figures in Europe which means Italians need to get behind League.
The country is the most left wing of the Baltics. The only choice for the Lithuanians is the Order and Justice Party.
The National Alliance whom we interviewed ahead of the countries election in 2018 are the party of choice for the continually invaded country.
Choices are slim here. The Alternative Democratic Reform Party (ADR) is as right as you’ll get here.
The Anti Immigrant party Movement Patrijotti Maltin (MPM) is also Anti Islam. 2 reasons for the Maltese to make them MEPs.
The Party for Freedom (PVV) which won 20 seats in the countries election should get the same backing for the EU elections.
Like Hungary, another country held up by the decent people of Europe (And Mel Gibson) due to its stance on keeping the country safe. The choices here are the Law & Justice Party & the Congress of the New Right.
A country which has recently seen an increase of migrant related violence (as reported here), the Portuguese need to get behind National Renovator Party.
A country that appears to have more political parties than citizens. Unfortunately, the right-wing party Greater Romania Party was rejected.
One word, Vox. A party which has gained a lot of notoriety recently has become very popular, very quickly. Cannot imagine why……..
With 37 parties vying for votes, the one standout choice is the Slovenian National Party.
The Kotleba-People’s Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) party which is anti-immigrant recently won 13 seats in the country elections, despite an attempt to get the party banned by the courts. It was rejected by the judge who clearly doesn’t like immigrants either.
There is The Brexit Party, run by Nigel Farage who was responsible for the UK “Leaving” the EU. Although this Euro Election should not even be held in the UK, UKIP are the alternative option. Either party are preferable to the dross of the Conservatives or Labour.

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