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Snap Elections Called in Spain

Will the new snap elections in Spain lead to the next domino effect in the rise of right wing parties or will the Spaniards continue to vote for more of the same?

Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish prime minister of the Socialist PSOE party has had to call for a round of fresh elections. This has been due to a failure in his attempts to introduce his budgets for the upcoming year. He is currently in a minority ruling government and many of his attempts on his budgets recently have been disputed by his opposition.

These snap elections can mean one thing, they could lead to the rise of right wing nationalism in another European country. It could be promising. The rising nationalist party VOX have been on a successful streak so far as shown in the Andalucian elections in December, where the party achieved 10% of the votes. Meanwhile, the socialist PSOE received their worst results in a long time. This occurence lead to the right wing Partido Popular forming a coalition with VOX to remove the socialists from power in the Southern region.

The political leaders of the rising Spanish nationalist party: VOX

Immigration is at a high level with the number of arrivals from Africa rapidly increasing after Sanchez took power last summer. There is also the dispute with the Catalan Separatists which is being handled weakly by the Spanish government which could be another reason why Spanish voters will look to VOX. This could be the first time a nationalist party will take seats in the Spanish congress since General Franco’s death.

The elections will take place on April 28th which also happens to be a month before the European elections. This election will be added to the list of upcoming Elections in 2019. Lets hope this year can be even greater than the last.

The list of upcoming elections in 2019

  • Estonian Parliamentary Election (March 3)
  • Finnish Parliamentary Election (April 14)
  • Spanish General Election (April 28)
  • Australia Federal Election
    (before 18 May 2019 for House and half Senate or a House only election before 2 November 2019)
  • Belgium Federal Election (May 26)
  • European Parliament Election (May 26)
  • Danish General Election (June 17)
  • Portuguese Legislative Election (October 6)
  • Canada Federal Election (October)
  • Greek Legislative Election (October 20)
  • Swiss Federal Election (October 20)
  • Polish Parliamentary Election (November 2019)
Crowds gather in Madrid to demand the resignation of Pedro Sanchez

Disclaimer: There are other elections currently occurring this year that will be important in the fight against Globalism, however these are the ones that will be the most important in regards to stopping the demographic replacement of European People.

Here is some further reading on the subject.

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