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Meet Senator Fraser Anning, Australia’s Most Outspoken Nationalist!

Fraser Anning

Australian Senator Fraser Anning has been on the spotlight across Australian and Western politics since the New Zealand shooting in mid-March, calling out the double standards of the media and establishment: whenever a terrorist attack happens, appetising and excusing Islamist terrorists.

So we decided to ask, who is Senator Fraser Anning after all?

Fraser Anning was born on the 14. of October 1949. He is an Australian politician who has been a senator for Queensland since the 10th of November 2017. Very attached and strong rooted to his home state of Queensland and Australia, he stands as a defender of Queenslanders and its rural communities.

“Fraser Anning is a conservative Australian politician who was elected to the Senate in 2016 on the One Nation ticket. After becoming disillusioned with One Nation, he created Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party in 2019.”

He holds “far right” views, such as opposing Islamic immigration and limiting immigration to only those of European descent. Some would say these views are quite rational. Simply put, he is a nationalist of a European-descended nation.

“He is an uncompromising defender of traditional Christian values and strongly supports Australian ownership of agriculture and industry, radical banking reform, private gun ownership and major rural infrastructure development, in particular, the visionary Bradfield scheme. Fraser is also a strident critic of the UN and the usurpation of Australian democratic government by UN treaties,” the biography on his website describes.

Party Policies

i) the vision of Sir Henry Parkes of Australia as an English speaking, predominantly European Christian Commonwealth, as originally described in 1901 when Australia as a nation was founded;

ii) social cohesion by an immigration program that gives preference to those best able to integrate and assimilate;

iii) traditional family values, including recognising marriage as only the union of a man and a woman and the sanctity of human life at all ages, including both the unborn and the elderly;

And many other similar policies. Funny how a century ago these policies were considered common sense, today some call them “radical”.

Here are a few of Senator Anning’s tweets to give the reader an idea of his worldview:

Senator Fraser Anning as we can see in the tweet above is well aware of the dangers of mass migration and low fertility rates across Western countries Worldwide. He also bravely says that we have a right to defend our people and our way of life, a daring statement that very few politicians dare to say these days.

He also wants for the return of a White Australia policy, policy that only allowed people of European descent to come and settle in the country, transforming it to the nation we see it to these days, rejecting the most multiculturalist policies that started in the country since the mid 70s, fetching migrants from East and Southeast Asia, India and finally Africa.

Senator Fraser Anning doesn’t back way of speaking his mind and ‘telling it like it is’, calling out on New Zealand’s prime minister for broadcasting the Islamic call to prayer across NZ, subverting New Zealand’s founding traditions and culture of European and Christian heritage.

On the economic scale, senator Fraser Anning, is also an economic nationalist, refusing to sell Australia’s residential land, farms and infrastructure to foreign powers, especially China which is the biggest threat in the region. He also states that private property as an inviolable natural right, the right to own firearms and use them in self-defence but also welfare as a safety net but restricted to citizens and widely distributed ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange through owner-operated farms, small business and co-operatives.

Senator Fraser Anning is certainly a breath of fresh air in a very dusty room owned by the establishment. If re-elected in the next Australian elections, it would most certainly set a good example across Western countries of an openly Pro-White/European politician and claiming power and representation back to the people.

Fraser Anning

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