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Divided Europe: Globalist Forces Inside EU Becoming Increasingly Isolated by a Sustained National Populist Groundswell 


The stark divide between pro-globalist forces and national populist forces continues to widen on the European continent as EU Parliamentary elections fast approach. Divided almost like before

This week, as France’s Macron has readied his government forces for the 9th straight Saturday of the Yellow Vest insurrection against his government, Italy’s Interior Minister and de-facto leader Matteo Salvini and coalition partner Luigi Di Maio of the 5-star party have accused Macron of being against his own people.

Salvini and Di Maio, both national populists from Italy’s political right and left, respectively, have publicly thrown their support behind the Yellow Vest Movement in France.

Macron and Salvini’s adversarial relationship is nothing new. Repeatedly, they have engaged in a war of words against one another. Earlier this year, Macron likened the populist coalition government in Italy to ‘leprosy’, saying, “You can see them rise a bit like leprosy all across Europe, in countries where we thought that would be impossible to see them again, in neighboring countries.”

Last month, Salvini mockingly and correctly referred to the French president and former Rothchild banker as a “lab mouse elected to keep the elitist political system in place.” France is starkly divided.

Among other things, the pair’s animosity towards one another stems mainly from their opposing immigration policies on how to deal with the ongoing migrant crisis in the Mediterranean Sea.

Increasingly, Macron finds himself in the company of an ever-dwindling minority European statesmen who promote and support mass migration from the third world.

Earlier in the week on Wednesday the 9th of January, Salvini traveled to Warsaw to meet Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party head, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. The two discussed ‘special relations’, and the possibility of joining forces in the coming European Parliamentary elections.

At present, Salvini has already touched base with leaders from France’s National Rally and the Netherland’s Party for Freedom, both right-wing national populist parties, and has convinced them to join Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF), a eurosceptic party inside of the EU parliament.

If Salvini can bring in Poland’s PiS and Austria’s right-wing Freedom Party, this would effectively unite the ENF with the European Conservative and Reformists (ECR), making the new ENF-ECR coalition party the third largest in the European Parliament.

As the European Parliamentary elections in May fast approach, we can expect the support for national populist parties to surge. Meanwhile the support of pro-globalist centrist parties like Macron’s La République En Marche and Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union of Germany should continue to decline. Divided, the globalists will fall.

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