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Missing The Point: The Dutch Black Pete Debate

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Every year on the 5th December, the Dutch have their tradition of Sinterklaas. It is a celebration where Sinterklaas, a catholic saint who comes by with presents to give to the children who have behaved well. It is a hugely popular festivity across the Netherlands and it has been so for decades. Nearly every household with children will celebrate this, schools organize events around it and all the stores are stocked with Sinterklaas themed items. One of the high points is usually when Sinterklaas arrives on his boat with his helpers, the black Petes. Sinterklaas nearly arrives in every city and village and these arrivals are visited by many parents and children. Black Pete is a character in blackface who behaves joyously and who gives the children sweets and makes jokes. However, something is changing in the Netherlands.

A yearly tradition of protest?
Since the last couple of years, certain multicultural voices are angry about Black Pete being in blackface. Due to changing demographics in the Netherlands and a more politically correct culture, these voices are increasing in strength. While when I was a child, one could go to the arrival of Sinterklaas and have a pleasant experience. Now radical progressives and POC’s will stage protests during these arrivals, they call the festivities racist. POC youths even attacked some black Petes this year due to this. Some Dutch municipalities even tried to ban Black Pete and compromise by creating a “roetveeg Piet”, not a fully blackfaced Pete, but a white Pete with some black stripes on his face. The story always is that Sinterklaas and Black Pete come through the chimney to bring presents, so they argue that some black stripes on the face would be logical. Alt light politicians have grabbed this discussion as proof that our culture is under attack, they believe the tradition should be the same and that political correctness is killing it. They are deeply wrong.

The False Discussion
Alt-light politicians are under the illusion that importing millions of immigrants will not impact our country negatively so long as they integrate. They assume that having black & Arab people here is not a problem at all since all people are the same and equal. Shifting the blame to political correctness helps them to avoid being called ‘racist’ and allows them to claim they are the ones protecting our culture. It is wishful thinking to assume that people who have no incentive to integrate, will not fundamentally change our country and culture. Most of the people agitating against this tradition are legal immigrants with a Dutch passport, according to their alt-light liberal philosophies these people are as Dutch as the ones who have been living in our land for centuries. They even actively encourage legal immigration because it will help our economy to grow.

Just like us
Just like us but they hate our culture

What Is next?
Black Pete is only the beginning, as most larger cities have already banned a full blackfaced Pete from their organized celebrations. The POC and liberals have set a new target, Sinterklaas being a Catholic saint? This is not inclusive enough for our atheist and Muslim country members. Seeing the Black Pete discussion as a political correctness discussion means you are missing the point. When we replace our native population, we will replace our traditions and culture too. Our alt-light politicians think this is racist and hope that the future people of our country are just POC people who will speak perfect Dutch and will honour our traditions accordingly. They will be disappointed soon enough.

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