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On December the 2. 1954, the United States Senate voted 67 to 22 to censor fellow senator Joseph McCarthy. Their main arguments for this unorthodox measure was that McCarthy had been mean to suspected communists and that his special senate committee was the equivalent of a lynch party. McCarthy tried to pursue his senatorial career for another 2,5 years after this but was ridiculed and ignored by his colleagues and the media. Fast forward to today and McCarthyism has become synonymous with a paranoid witch hunt. Socialists and globalist use this term to slander anyone who dares to single out certain groups for their contributions to a country’s demise. In school, children are taught that McCarthy was a liar who represented the darkest corner of our beloved free democracy. But remember, victory is written by the victors and McCarthy was no victor in the end. McCarthy’s life story is a cautionary and inspiring one, but the truth is not popular and Joseph had to learn this the hard way.

Who was Joseph McCarthy?
Joseph Raymond McCarthy (1908 – 1957) was born in Grand Chute, Wisconsin to parents of German and Irish decent. At the age of 14 young Joseph dropped out of school to help his parents manage their farm, at age 20 he went back to school and graduated the following year. While he initially started studying electrical engineering, later he switched to law school and was admitted to the bar in 1935. When the United States entered the Second World War, McCarthy volunteered to join the US Marine Corps even though his judicial office exempted him from any military service. During his service he eventually achieved the rank of major and volunteered to fly 12 combat missions as a gunner observer, from which he got his nickname “Tail-gunner Joe”.

After campaigning unsuccessfully for the position of Republican senator to Wisconsin, he left the military and tried again to run for senator in 1946. During this campaign McCarthy ran against the three term senator Robert La Follette. The campaign was a campaign of contrasts. McCarthy was the patriot who had selflessly enlisted in the war, while La Follette stayed safely at home and focused on getting rich. McCarthy called out his opponent on his lack of patriotism and accused him of war profiteering. He won the primary narrowly, but the senate seat decisively with 61% of the vote. After his victory, he just seemed like any other Republican senator and did not really make a name for himself.

Infested with communists
On February the 9. 1950 McCarthy gave a speech to a small Republican group where he made the following claim;

“The state department is infested with communists. I have here in my hand a list of 205 names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the communist party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the state department.” 

This shocking revelation was based on a letter sent from a congressman to the Secretary of State quoting a security investigation. The results of this investigation were recommendations against the employment of 284 persons. Only 79 were actually removed, leaving 205 on the payroll of the state. At a time where America was in the Cold War, the American public reacted shocked to these serious allegations of communist infiltration in their government. The enormous exposure and the sudden rise of McCarthy’s popularity forced the senate to unanimously vote for a senate committee investigation on these claims. The Democrats hoped that McCarthy would embarrass himself during these hearings so they would be able to marginalise him. The views on the results of these hearings were divided among party lines. Democrats called it a hoax, while Republicans generally agreed that the Democrats were clearly covering up a conspiracy. McCarthy’s popularity however continued to rise because of the hearings.


Lavender scare
McCarthy focused subsequently on the threat that homosexuals presented to the state. During the Cold War, homosexuals were seen as prime blackmail victims by the Soviets. This was confirmed by the testimony of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, whom mentioned the recruiting of homosexuals as a generally accepted technique that had been used for years. The aid of the D/CIA instantly demanded that this statement would not be on the record. Later surviving personal notes were discovered which proved how he gave a detailed account of the use of homosexuals by intelligence agencies. McCarthy’s pressure on this subject eventually led to the firing of 425 employees of the state department for allegations of homosexuality. Interestingly enough, a journalist around this time dared to write that McCarthy himself was a homosexual. McCarthy responded in similar spirit by kneeing him in the groin when he saw him in the cloakroom of a club. McCarthy later claimed he had just slapped the man.


Yet again politicians from both sides tried to side road McCarthy. This time they tried by making him chairman of the senate committee on government operations. The idea was to put him into a unimportant committee where he could not do any harm. However, this appointment included mandate over the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations. McCarthy would use that mandate to investigate communists working for the government. One of his first and successful acts was an investigation of the overseas literary program of the International Information Agency. McCarthy found many pro-communist authors and got the Senate to order the librarians to remove these books. Some libraries burned these dangerous communist books in compliance. Republican president Eisenhower responded to Americans: “Don’t join the book burners, don’t be afraid to go in your library and read every book”. McCarthy was clearly not happy with the Republican president encouraging Americans to read communist literature. Nonetheless, McCarthy had achieved his desired result.

After this, McCarthy’s popularity would start falling as quickly as it had risen. In 1954, McCarthy decided to hold hearings on communist subversions in the US army. These hearings were televised to roughly 20 million viewers for a period of 36 days. During these hearings, McCarthy did not manage to persuade anyone of serious communist subversion and his popularity with the American public started to suffer because of it. Journalists and his rivals felt emboldened to attack. Popular documentary maker Edward R. Murrow made an unflattering hit piece edit of all the statements McCarthy made during the hearings to further damage his image. His fellow senators started to make public proclamations against him and eventually censored him. In 1957, McCarthy, still a US senator, died at the age of 48. The cause of death was “Hepatitis, acute, cause unknown’

From 1943 to 1980, the US army started the Venona project. This project was intended to decrypt messages transmitted by communist intelligence agencies. During the project’s lifetime, approximately 3,000 soviet messages were obtained of which only a small number were decrypted. One of the conclusions was that many of the names found overlapped with the transcripts of McCarthy’s hearings. McCarthy had actually been right several times when he was identifying communist subversive elements. Even worse, for 9 of the 159 people on one of McCarthy’s lists there was substantial evidence that they had aided Soviet espionage. After extensive reviewing of the other names on the lists, historian John Earl Haynes came to the conclusion that many indeed were communist party members, or at least deemed legitimate security risks. To be fair to McCarthy, 9 are proven. This does not mean the other 150 did not collaborate with the Soviets or were subversive elements within American society. Since not all messages have been decrypted and not every Soviet spy was found. We will probably never now how right McCarthy actually was..

While McCarthy’s reputation has been slandered by his enemies for witch hunting, we finally learned decades later that there indeed were witches. In all probability far more then we will ever know. This however will not matter, McCarthy cannot be vindicated in western society, a white Catholic man standing righteously and unapologetically against communism? Our new leaders would rather have us reading all the communist books in the library.

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