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Making Colonialism Great Again

Child sacrifices

For our progressive countrymen, nothing in history is more abhorrent than Western colonialism. Especially when it happened to the ‘noble’ peoples in the Americas. They see this episode of Western history as oppressive, evil and something all people of European descent should feel guilty about. I want to take you on a tour of what the native peoples of the Americas were doing before and while we arrived.

Sacrificing & Killing Children
A couple of months ago, in the northern coastal desert of Peru. Archaeologists found 227 skeletons of young children sacrificed by the Chimu culture. Estimates are that most of the children were aged between four and fourteen. The children probably were sacrificed to stop the rain and floods battering the coastline. To give you an illustration on how this went, the skeletons contained damage on the breastbones and had dislocated rib cages. Archaeologists think that this was due to someone trying to remove the heart of the children. This clearly must be an isolated incident of a rogue culture!

The Aztecs, known for sacrificing prisoners of war and throwing them down temples also practised child sacrifice. At Templo Mayor, the remains of sacrificed children have been found, with the signs of the heart being removed. I have been told by historians that the Aztecs usually didn’t sacrifice children, they probably only did this to get to gods to show them the outcome of a battle. Usually, they just sacrificed prisoners of war. That seems reasonable…

Colonialism: We took this from them
Colonialism: We took this from them

Drugging & Sacrificing Children
The Spanish already had chronicles describing the brutality of the Incas. Some of these stories described the Incas sacrificing thousands of children, but recent findings have added even more gruesome details to this already horrible story. The mummy of a 13-year-old girl was found in Argentina, biochemical analysis on her hair and DNA analysis showed the following. In the last year, her diet changed to that of the elites, but there were also significant spikes in her coca and alcohol use to be found. The Incas not only used this because it induced an altered state associated with the sacred, drugging small children makes them a lot easier to kill. The evidence suggests that during the last weeks of her life she was forced to consume large amounts of coca and alcohol.

You might think I cherry-picked the worst most exceptional cases of child sacrifice to showcase, you are deeply wrong. We have evidence of child sacrifices being done by the Mayas, Moche, Aztecs, Incas, Olmec, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Chimu and Timoto-Cuica. This is just in South and Middle America, in North America the Mississippian Culture and the Pawnee have engaged in child sacrifices too.

Colonialism: The chad Spaniard vs the virgin child killer
Colonialism: The chad Spaniard vs the virgin child killer

Making Colonialism Great Again
When you are told you should feel guilty by what was done to the noble native people of the Americas, especially when talking about the South and Middle Americas. Remember this: If we wouldn’t have showed up, these people would have probably killed children for decades or even centuries to come. They were not innocent or decent people, they were savage child-killing beasts who needed to be brought to civilized justice. We as Europeans did just that. People like Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro deserve to be honoured by every person in Europe and America. While their initial motivation might not have been to serve justice, they stopped one of the greatest evils on this planet. Stopping brutal child killers, that is something that makes colonialism great!

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