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Demography and Territory Are Intertwined

Demography and Territory

The history of the world is a history of tribes fighting over territory.

The fact is that humans are a tribal species and the denial of this fact, this product of nature, is the cause of much suffering today.

The reigning multicultural ideology of Neo-Liberalism is driving these false beliefs in an attempt to eradicate borders, states, history and peoples. All for the sake of profit. Profit for its own sake. Corporatists, technocrats, many vying interests all looking to make as much profit as posible, not caring what follows after.

Now that the why is out of the way, I will explain the how.

Over time borders and territories shift hands and their boundaries. This can happen for many reasons but there are two primary reasons: Demographic change, or expansionism.

Throughout history the latter was usually the case as much of the Earth was not inhabited or claimed. Today the case is different and the reverse is true. So, today the former is the main driver of territorial change.

There are a few recent examples that have occured on the Old Continent which provide real-world insights into this “phenomenon”.

Kosovo and Crimea

Kosovo has seen a rapid rise in its Albanian population since 1948, while the second largest ethnic group, Serbs, have seen their numbers plumet to about half of what they were then.

Interestingly the biggest spikes in the Albanian population were right before they declared independence with the help of many Western countries and without the approval of the country most in question regarding this move, Serbia.

This coincided with a sharp fall in the numbers of Serbs in the region, for obvious reasons. A piece of the puzzle that people often overlook is that this land has been Serbian for centuries, and holds significant historical importance for the Serbian people as it was the site of a great battle with the Ottomans, The Battle of Kosovo. As well as being the site of countless Orthodox churches and holy sites.

However. All of this has been swept away in less than a century because of a simple fact. There are very few Serbs in Kosovo, it is more than 90% Albanian now and the Albanians have made most of it their own.

“How is this possible?” Demography.

One people, replaced by another. Same race, yet different ethnic group and different history and culture, language…

Which led and always does lead to separation.

“Demography is destiny”

In Crimea the story has different actors, and a different plot. But the essence of the issue remains the same. Different people claiming a disputed territory.

In this case, the Crimean peninsula is populated by mostly ethnic Russians. Over 90% in fact. They wanted to separate from Ukraine and be part of their Motherland. Which is what eventually happened, almost without trouble. Unlike Kosovo.

The problem is the same. Ethnic self-determination. If there is one thing you will remember from this article let it be that phrase.

It is this “problem“, it is more a natural consequence of things than a problem, that will occur all over especially the Western world, but other regions too.


The Korean peninsula is another example, of many. The same people are divided by two different political systems, two governments.

Their language is the same, their customs are the same, their DNA is the same. It is only a question of when and how they will unify, not if.

Territory of Korea
A unified Korean Peninsula

Other examples are everywhere, one only needs to look.

What I’m getting at is this: as the demographics of European countries change, the spliting up of these same countries is inevitable. The balkanisation of Europe is inevitable if things continue this way.

So, as many have said, it is about time that the Nations of Europe put a stop to this. Immigration of completely alien people, especially in the numbers that are ariving every month, is suicide.

We know this, they know this. The evidence is everywhere. Walls make good neighbours. It is high time this was accepted and that utopian ideals were abandoned.

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