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Remembering Guillaume Faye: Un Patriote Européen

Guillaume Faye

Paris, 7 March – With the death of Guillaume Faye, who died in the night between 6 and 7 March, one of the few intellectuals from the European metapolitical scene that has really changed the way we all think has disappeared. Even those who have never read his works think differently on many subjects due to his influence.

“Global economic growth will soon clash with physical barriers. It is physically impossible to fulfil the ideal of progressivism: the spread of techno-scientific consumer culture to ten billion people. When this dream has faded, another will emerge.” 
― Guillaume Faye, Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age

He was a briliant and forward thinking individual, who foresaw many of the calamities that befell our beloved Europe, and who warned of more to come, long before many of us saw them coming.

“Guillaume Faye With a doctorate in political science from Paris’ Institute of Political Science, the essayist Guillaume Faye was one of the principal theoreticians of the French Nouvelle Droite in the 1970s and ’80s prior to his growing sympathy for the identitarian movement. He has also been a journalist at Figaro-MagazineParis-MatchMagazine-HebdoValeurs Actuelles, and a radio commentator. For several years he was the editor of J’ai tout compris (I Understood Everything), a private newsletter which is now a blog:” – From the Counter Currents’ Author Archives

Guillaume Faye was born in 1949 and received a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Institut d’etudes politiques de Paris. He was one of the main organisers of the French New Right organisation GRECE (Groupement de recherche et d’etudes pour la civilisation europeenne) during the 1970s and ’80s.

In the 1980s Faye was one of the best known members of GRECE and by far their most popular speaker. With humour, panache, invective and contempt thrown in at just the right moment, his speeches were a thing to behold…

GRECE was not just a school of thought though, it was also a sort of social club, that joined like-minded persons on a cultural, (meta)political and social level. Nevertheless, the concentration it put on theory made the temptation in hard times great to retreat from direct confrontation and reduce all issues to the level of academic debate. Faye expounds on these and other criticisms in Archeofuturism.

It was the contempt of this pathological pacifism that made him such a staunch supporter of the Identitarian Movement, the best contemporary metapolitical activism group there is.

…in 1986 he left the organisation after he came to disagree with the direction of the group, which he felt was becoming overly academic and less engaged with the actual problems confronting Europe.

“Presentism, neglect of the future (along with forgetfulness and contempt for the past) is the paradoxical characteristic of a society and elites who have nothing but the words progress, innovation, modernity on their lips in every domain, including the economic.”

Concurrently with his activity in GRECE he used this time to cultivate his career as a journalist, mainly in the news magazines Figaro and Paris-Match.

For more than a decade, he worked as a broadcaster for the French radio station Skyrock, and on the program Telematin which aired on France 2 TV.

He returned to the field of political philosophy in 1998 when a number of his new essays were collected and published in the volume Archeofuturism. Since then he has produced many books which have challenged and reinvigorated readers throughout Europe and North America.

“The present dominant values (xenophilia, cosmopolitanism, narcissistic individualism, humanitarianism, bourgeois economism, hedonism, homophilia, permissivenes, etc.) are actually anti-values – values of devirilising weakness, since they deplete a civilization’s vital energies and weaken its defensive or affirmative capacities.” 
― Guillaume Faye, Why We Fight

Over the last decade, Faye has been no stranger to controversy, having published books on immigration, the ‘clash of civilisations’, and the question of the Right’s relationship to Islam and Zionism. Guillaume was a true patriot, unlike many that we see everyday.

He also published a monthly journal, J’ai Tout Compris (I Understand Everything). He is very influential upon the Identitarian movement, many of whom agree that “Why We Fight” is an unofficial manifesto for Identitarianism in Europe.

Alex, one of our dear editors, reviewed, with the help of a friend, one of Faye’s great books, here: Book Review: “A Global Coup” by Guillaume Faye

Guillaume Faye’s books are must-reads for European nationalists and identitarians, right wingers in general even, regardless of whether they agree or disagree with his ideas.

He was and will forever remain a great figure in European and French history. His work has guideed this generation of European metapolitical and cultural though and for that, we are greatful.

Vous nous quittez trop tôt mais vous serez à jamais dans nos coeurs.

May you rest now, Guillaume, the task is up to us now, we will honour your memory and make you proud.

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