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Do Not Worship False Idols

False Idols

The definition of idolatry is as follows; ‘The worship of an idol or cult image, being a physical image, such as a statue, or a person in place of god’. In the Western world, where religion seems to be in decline, atheism is gaining in popularity. The worshipping of false idols is gaining renewed relevance. Religion isn’t just a fairy-tale people believe in, it brings with it an entire moral code. It is something that helps people to differentiate between good and evil & right and wrong. Religion might be called irrational, but humans generally aren’t rational beings. We live emotional lives and very few of us actually exhibit rational behaviour frequently. When a majority of us are not religious anymore, we will still have to decide what is right and wrong and who is evil among us. Our non-religious friends hold very strong convictions on these topics, where do these convictions come from?

The False God Of Equality

After rejecting God and organised religion, a void emerges. The non-religious person, now free of being told what to believe can choose his own path. In the West, many of our more philosophically inclined friends choose to be secular humanists. The secular humanists claim to refuse religious dogma, yet on average they share several dogmatic beliefs that can easily be disproved through the scientific method. Recently, I had the horrendous pleasure of watching a live debate by proud secular humanists. Here they all vehemently agreed that “everyone is equal”. Regardless of what you feel when you hear this statement, it is factually false and can easily be disproved. There will never be a study proving this objectively to us. While they make the statement they refuse to provide us with any legitimate proof,  It is something nearly all secular humanists applaud without question. The few secular humanists who would openly challenge this assertion are quickly ostracized and ignored. 

My other personal favourite is; Everyone should do what he wants”. To be fair to the people uttering this, they, of course, do not mean paedophiles, killers etc. They usually mean that everyone should be able to do anything that can happen without physically harming another being. Any evidence for this statement is never provided, it is something they nearly all believe in though. How can one even prove such a statement? When our secular humanist friends want to criticise religious dogma they point to excesses, potential harm caused or the unfairness and lack of choice for the individual. We could try doing the same to this statements by giving examples of the spread of STDs through casual sex, the spread of drug abuse or the breakdown of the nuclear family and the consequences associated with these things. Is it truly better for the individual and the group to do as they want? Depending on your criteria one could argue that people clearly should not do as they want. It brings about danger to themselves and others. But when the gay man partakes in unsafe sex orgies and catches or spreads STDs, no secular humanist says a word. When the religious man partakes in self-flagellation, they all will disapprove and call him a danger to himself. When he teaches it to his child, well, usually, all hell breaks loose. 

The False God

While our atheist and secular humanist friends are amused or disgusted by the irrationality of religion, they themselves abide by many irrational dogmas themselves, there is however one big difference with most organised religions. Their new dogmas are to serve oneself, they choose their moral code based on what brings them short-term pleasure. They worship the beasts inside of themselves, craving what they crave, wanting what they want and doing however they bid. Their rational rejection of organised religion and the supernatural are not rooted in healthy scepticism, it is a primal reactionary act. They cannot accept lifestyles and morals that go against this urge. They must be allowed to do as they please and refuse to accept that other people may call it wrong, or dare to teach their children that it is wrong. Or in their worst possible scenario, forbid them from doing something. They worship the false God dwelling inside of them. 

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