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UK Police To Let Violent Suspects Go

The Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, Ken Marsh, has stated “We don’t come to work to get assaulted and if we are not backed up in what we are doing, what’s the point” when referring to violent suspects.

This statement follows an increasing number of incidents of Police Officers being attacked whilst they are working. He also said Police Officers will need to start making quicker risk assessments when dealing with certain situations and if you can’t detain someone to “let them go”. The most recent incident involved a suspect fly kicking a female Police Officer after she had been pulled to the ground. A member of the public is also seen helping intervene and hold the suspect.

The Police have now said that should a member of the public assist in detaining suspects, rather than just watching, they will not face any prosecution if it’s seen that they have helped.

Despite Police Officers being issued with batons, tasers and in some sections, guns, there is a reluctance to use them. There are numerous cases of Police Officers being suspended for “use of force” and there is also paperwork which needs to be filled out just for using the taser.

The Police need to be given the freedom to do their job without fear of losing their job. Whilst there undoubtedly have been cases of police brutality, it shouldn’t be a reason for the Police to spend valuable time talking to a violent suspect when they could just be tasered.

On a positive note, the Metropolitan Police released a video of them apprehending criminals on mopeds & scooters. The video showed Police Officers driving into suspects on the bikes and knocking them off. The reaction on social media was mainly positive as people were pleased to see the Police doing their job. Naturally, there were also a few detractors worried the suspects who fail to stop when asked “might get hurt”.


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