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Bomb Found Near George Soros’ House

An explosive device has been found in a mailbox just outside the house of the billionaire with highly questionable ethics, George Soros, according to the FBI.

Bedford authorities have responded to the address after an employee opened the suspicious package, who then placed the device in a wooded area and called the police which forwarded the request to the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives.

Officials also furthered that the matter is now being investigated by FBI’s terrorism task force and that there is no threat to public safety at this time.

The event was also quickly reacted to by the neoliberal ALDE European group leader Guy Verhofstadt that blamed European nationalist leaders and ‘anti-semitic slurs’ for the threats made against his life. Mr.Verhofstadt is also a very strong supporter and enabler of George Soros’ policies all across Europe.

In reality, billionaire George Soros has been facing a lot of heat lately but because of his deeds, such as supporting far left group Antifa and other fringe leftist groups in the United States or financing NGOs and policies that support open borders for millions of migrants in both Europe and the US, causing anger and discontent towards his influence and actions.

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