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Assault On Syrian Boy Continues To Highlight Mainstream Media Bias

Biased mainstream media

An assault of a Syrian boy has captured the attention of the biased mainstream media. A  video which recently surfaced showing the 15 year old Syrian boy, known as “Jamal”,  being attacked by another male of similar age. The incident, which took place on the 25th of October 2018, at Almond Community School in Huddersfield, has come in to the media’s attention after the video went viral online.

Jamal was interviewed by ITV yesterday. He stated that he has been subjected to constant bullying and racism, to the point that he no longer feels safe attending school.

“I was feeling unsafe everywhere – even to go to the shop.”

“I was feeling like I couldn’t study or do my homework.

“When I saw everyone looking at this video I felt ashamed of myself and why it happened. I was really upset about that.”

The incident has sparked outrage online, with cries of prejudice and racism. Several high profile individuals have come to the young boys defence, stating that this video shows the evidence of intolerance and racism in everyday British society. A crowd funding page has also been set up, which has now raised over £100,000. A 16 year old male has allegedly been identified and will be charged with assault for this incident.

What the media has failed to highlight, is this incident is not anything new in society. Children and young are targeted and bullied every day, from all walks of life. It has existed in culture for as long as there have been organised societies on the earth.

Another video has appeared in response to this incident, showing a young child being attacked by two Asian males, who pursue him to punch and kick him repeatedly and stamp on his head, ignoring his cries and pleas for mercy.

What this portrays is the media’s obvious narrative, to cherry pick the incidents which supports their claim of a racist and prejudice Britain, against ethic minorities. While they ignore increasing incidents which are cropping up, where by white British people are attacked for their race and appearance. It appears more evident that incidents need to be extremely high profile such as the Kriss Donald murder in Pollokshields, Glasgow in 2004 or the grooming of hundreds of young girls, before the media will report on them for being prejudiced incidents against white people.

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