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Opinion » When Will “Feminists” Go Back To Caring About Real Women’s Issues?

When Will “Feminists” Go Back To Caring About Real Women’s Issues?

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Today, in the United Kingdom, female activists are celebrating a momentous day in British history; when legislation was passed, on this day exactly 100 years’ ago, that first entitled some women to vote. The heroic struggles of famous suffragettes are typically invoked, venerated by sentiments offering posthumous gratitude for a nation that values gender equality in all matters before the law. However, a pattern that is emerging is for a certain section of said activists to focus not on the legislated gender equality that we already have, but to suggest there is still ‘a long way to go’. This is taken to varying degrees by various factions, but the common theme amongst all these sentiments is that women are still oppressed, with the unspoken explanation being ‘by the white, male patriarchy’.

In 1918, the Representation of the Peoples Act was passed into British law by the then Liberal government led by David Lloyd George. This enfranchised all men over the age of 21 and, importantly for today’s celebrations, a certain number of women for the first time. This included married women over the age of 30, with various other restrictions based on home ownership or membership of a local government registrar, or educational status. 10 years’ later, in 1928, the Representation of the Peoples Act part 2 – or the Equal Franchise Act as it’s commonly known – was passed, which abolished the conditions on female voting and enfranchised all women over the age of 21.

Various pieces of legislation was then passed throughout the century, mostly concentrated in the reign of Harold Wilson’s Labour government (1964-70), that arguably gave women rights over and above their male counterparts; no-fault divorce, for instance, and the legalisation of abortion. Then, in 1970, the British government passed the Equal Pay Act, which, as you may have guessed, made it compulsory by law that men and women were to be paid the same wage for the same work. Therefore, it is quite puzzling when pseudo-journalists like Channel 4’s Cathy Newman screech until they’re red in the face about a “Gender Pay Gap” that hasn’t existed for almost half a century.

And this is a recurring theme. The strange approach to identity politics taken by the modern Left has quite cleverly weaponised women against the traditional institutions of our societies, to the point that the most gullible amongst them will argue for whatever leftist cause is presented, regardless of whether it will help or hinder her own interests. This can be clearly demonstrated when we discuss the Burka, for instance; when Iranian women protest the compulsory headscarf, feminists in the west cheer them on as their ideological sisters in an oppressive foreign land. However, when conservatives, nationalists or other groups propose banning or restricting the burka in the west, the very same feminists begin to resurface with cries of racism and Islamophobic sexism.

Despite the fact that gender equality has been legislated for in practically every modernised democracy, we’ve always ‘still got more to do’, always more ‘patriarchal, male-dominated institutions’ that we must critique. This is despite the fact that there are real women’s issues seeping into – or rather, being imported into – European democracies that are basically ignored by the weaponised feminists, at the behest of their Leftist ideological masters.

For instance, where was the feminist outcry when over a thousand European women were raped or otherwise seriously assaulted by Arab and African men on New Year’s Eve, Cologne 2015? Where is the feminist outcry over the situation in Sweden, which has become the rape capital of Europe, and second only to Lesotho in Southern Africa for the most rapes per capita anywhere in the entire world? On a slightly more contemporary topic, where is the feminist support for the German female movement against migrant rape culture, dubbed #120dB (120 decibels)? The response to all of these things, which should have been a call to arms for anybody genuinely concerned with women’s issues, has been a deafening silence. Indeed, many if not all “feminists” have gone out of their way to side with the very people bringing the rape culture into Europe, the same people who are making the streets of Berlin, Munich, Vienna, London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris and Amsterdam unsafe for women after dark.

This even extends to the protection of female children, who have been raped, enslaved and abused en masse in England since 1997, with scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Luton and many more towns and cities emerging in recent months. Tens of thousands of young, white English girls are thought to have been affected, yet feminists are incredibly silent on this issue too. Why? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the perpetrators in these cases, like in Cologne, are almost exclusively foreign, Pakistani (or Arab) males. Indeed, there is a widely held belief that left-wing councillors deliberately obstructed investigations for this very reason!

This paradox is alarming, but not unsurprising. It is a very real symptom of Marxist ideology, for ordinary and otherwise sane and rational individuals to actively campaign against their own best interests, and it highlights the damage that this particular feministic ideology has done to the minds of our people in Europe. The societies that gave women the vote, that legislated for equal pay and even provide all-female shortlists for public office must be vigorously critiqued for sexism and bias, whereas the migrants coming from societies in which a woman must walk 20 paces behind her male counterpart, the migrants who will uncontrollably molest European women without so much as a thought for their rights, must be vehemently defended by the very same feminists.

So the question remains for all feminists to answer: just when will you go back to campaigning for real women’s issues?

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