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Opinion » Why We Must Fight For Our Identity Against the Globalist Supremacists

Why We Must Fight For Our Identity Against the Globalist Supremacists

It is not uncommon for patriotic, identitarian and traditionalist movements around the globe, to receive unfounded accusations that they are supremacists, extremists, and intolerant. In fact, by pointing out an external monster, these accusers only let their inner monsters appear, for their accusations are merely a reflection of their inner feelings.

Progressives, postmodern and globalists, strive at all costs to become a hegemonic force and the methods used to achieve this end are devoid of modesty. They are adept of censorship and persecution. They silence and defame all those who disagree with their ideas. Just a word contrary to what they preach by you, you’ll end up being publicly lynched. They seek to label those who oppose their authoritarian ideas by calling them fascists. But in doing so, they become the true authoritarians and they only do so to demoralize and silence their opponents and thus escape the debate.

They believe they have a superior moral, that their ideas are perfect and indisputable and that from them they will create a new world, which they believe to be the best possible, based only on their ideas. Thus they become the true supremacists, for they believe there is no one with better intellectual faculties than they for the construction of this new world. Because of this, they are extremists in their ideas. For them, the existence of flaws in their utopia is inconceivable. And, for them, the plan they designed is infallible and there is no way to object to its functionality.

As if there were no worse, the globalist elite very well-known for Zionist ideals, support both sides of one single coin, the left and the right, in order to sow the feeling of a war that increasingly ceases to be utopian and in this way, to continue to hide behind the political topics considered mainstream and practicing their banking acts of an imperialist, globalist and inhumane nature, without the popular masses having a perception of such crimes.
So they dominate the speech, the press, and have transformed the courts as another piece of their monopoly. And the chances of accusing and denouncing them publicly are rather small. They end up being the judge, the prosecutor and they control the popular jury. Your rights of defense are hereby repealed. From the beginning of the trial, you are already cursed. The Revolutionary Court, inaugurated in the French Revolution, seems to have never ceased to operate. And in him, all those who denounce the system, will have the same fate as Louis XVI.

Thus, both the “neo-progressives” and the Masonic and Zionist elite became intolerant. They are an obscure force that seeks to erase any and every torch that seeks to illuminate a different path than the one they have established. Thus, by completely darkening everything around, the only path that remains available is that illuminated by them. The fate of this path, however, is the abyss. The society that walks to the end of it, will enter into a new era of darkness.

And the time to fight for our cultural, territorial and spiritual existence is nearing its end. The elite are ending their monopoly game and we patriots and identitarians, who just want to live in solidarity with our culture and tradition, are fed up with receiving the card to jail, while increasingly the “neo-progressives” and the right-wing conservatives constantly pass in the go-space, as nothing more than mere pawns of a game well elaborated and disputed among the banking elite.

Since the second half of the twentieth century, the affirmation of European identity has become a taboo, and for some, an offense. In Europe the meaning of Europe became mostly a matter of territorial cradle, a geographical meaning devoid of deeper senses of sense of belonging. In North and South America, who is a descendant of Europeans, with European parents and grandparents, ends up being ridiculed when affirming itself as such. The paranoia of the “progressive” left considers European, an Arab born in Europe, but rejects the affirmation of a Euro-descendant born in Egypt. It denies transgenerationality, cultural heritage, and the right of identity affirmation. But at the same time, in a hypocritical way, they exalt an Afro-descendant who seeks to assert himself as of African origin. The term Afro-descendant is glorified by the leftists, and the term Euro-descendant does not even exist in their vocabulary. Both have an equal right to affirm their identity and identify with their origins. Before we are citizens of the world, we all have solid roots in a native territory, which transcends geographical notions and that complements the human spirit. Whites, Asians, Blacks, Indians, etc, all have a culture that they can call their own. A culture that belongs only to each of these peoples, but modernity wants to destroy it.

In a society that values ​​the chosen identities much more, that is, those that you define according to the path of your life trajectory – employment, vocation, tastes and more recently, with the advent of “progressism”, sexuality and gender – the identities that are defined before you are born are relegated to oblivion. The identities that precede birth are essential for the formation of the individual and function as a barrier that filters external influences. Devoid of this immune system, the individual is more vulnerable to possible antigens and bacteria that can be harmful to the body. In societies, identity also has this role, being responsible for creating defenses against harmful ideologies of social engineering, false progressism, pseudo-scientific theories about gender and sexuality, materialism, etc. These projects are like a virus, weakening the social organism, destroying your immune system – identity – allowing other threats, such as multiculturalism, to infect society.

It is for this reason that the affirmation of identity has become paramount for the health of our people. The survival of the European ethnicity depends on the strengthening of its immune system. We, firstly, need to become immune to the virus of modernity and then finally we must destroy it. We are Europeans, without shame, without fear, with pride. It is our identity that keeps us strong.

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