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The American-European Dilemma

The United States Of America have been the dominant world superpower for nearly over 70 years. This American world hegemony however seems to be in decline, or at least less strong, when compared to its competitors. We, as European people and nations, are naturally aligned with the United States. We share many cultural and racial similarities, and they even share our roots. after the Second World War, we seemed to have found the ideal ally in America. The United States offered us two great benefits: funds to rebuild ourselves through the Marshall Aid and safety from the threat of communism through military alliance. Since no better offer was on the table, we as Europeans were happy to align ourselves with the United States. In a way this alliance still holds to this day when we look at NATO and our diplomatic relationship. The question is, should it? Since the fall of the Soviet Union one can wonder why Europeans have not chosen to disengage from the Americans and have taken a more distant approach. It seems clear that the first 45 years of alliance with the US seemed beneficial to us, can we say the last 25 were as well?

America’s Foreign Policy and the problems that follow
One of the key reasons why being in alliance with America a terrible idea, is their disastrous foreign policy. The negative consequences it creates for us at home are no valid sacrifice for the lack of results they produce abroad. A prime example is the Syrian civil war, where factions backed, supplied and supported by the US, wreaked havoc against the Syrian government. The Americans told us this project would bring about a democratic Syria. In reality it only brought us around a million Syrians, mostly Arab and Muslim, who fled to Europe. Another prime example of American “help” near our region was when they decided to support, arm and back a small Libyan insurrection.
Gaddafi, Libya’s president at the time, once warned us by saying; “There are millions of blacks who would come to the Mediterranean to cross to France and Italy, and Libya plays a role in security in the Mediterranean”. Thanks to US foreign policy, Libya is now a smoldering country which seems to be trapped in an eternal civil war. As foretold by the Libyan ex-president, millions are currently crossing its borders to gain illegal access into Europe. The American dream of a free and democratic Libya however still has not come to fruition.
A somewhat same story can be told about Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.  When the American army goes in, the people over there flee to Europe. Wars such as these have created terrible consequences for the people in the affected regions and for our people here. We should want no association whatsoever with these wars and should actively prevent America from endangering us in such a way.

Our current re-enactment of the Cold War with Russia seems like a particular problem where the Americans yet again aren’t helpful allies to have. They actively choose to keep provoking Russia on her borders by participating in NATO military exercises and by pilling up ever more economical sanctions, which hurts European businesses. Russia and America tend to side on opposite sides in any proxy war available, which yet again puts us as Europeans in an unpractical position. Russia, which could be a great ally to the European nations because of our shared values and culture, is now our so-called “enemy” because we have thrown our lot in with the Americans. Even though some European countries seem to actively participate in these acts, it is safe to assume that a Europe more independent of America would make better, smarter and safer decisions. It might even enable Europe to actively counter America’s destructive tendencies.

American Culture
As a logical result of further economic integration between the United States and Europe, there has been a far reaching exchange of cultures between the two. The American decadent consumer culture has contaminated Europe and is now deeply ingrained in its DNA. Concepts like ‘Black Friday’ or ‘24/7 Open’ are influencing our societies as we speak, and are being welcomed by many.  Although only anecdotal examples of the consumer culture, they are illustrations of a society somewhat obsessed with consumption and instant gratification. The effects of these hyper capitalist concepts on our society are undoubtedly negative. Besides consumerism we are culturally enriched by the Americans through their entertainment and Hollywood films. While not all American entertainment is necessary bad, the influence and problems it transports should not be underestimated. Things like being politically correct, reparations, white privilege, gender-neutral or The Black Lives Matter movement seem to become transferred and relevant to our communities the moment they become a big thing in America. This is often aided by the popularity of American celebrities who get involved to propagandise these concepts. While we might never seem to have a Europe without American cultural influences, we ought to minimise the exposure of our population to it. The current American culture that is being fed to us through the media is empty, individualistic and degenerate. It has no place in Europe and should be treated as such.

Being independent 
Being independent isn’t about hating the Americans because of their freedom and it’s not about wanting the worst for them. It is all about the consequences of being allied with such a country. Europe does not need the problems America creates, nor do its people. We know that the American foreign policy never seems to change no matter which party occupies the White House, and that we in Europe will receive a lot of collateral damage from any wars fought in adjacent regions. The Europeans would do well by taking a more positive stance towards Russia and a less amicable posture towards the United States. For the last 25 years American global hegemony has brought Europe nothing but damage and strained relationships with other countries. For the security and the future of Europe and our people, an ongoing destructive alliance with the worlds declining superpower just does not seem like the right move.

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