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Silenced by Twitter: A Message from @Politikking


As some of you may know, and for those who don’t, I have recently been permanently suspended from Twitter. As extreme as this may sound, a Twitter banning is not a rare or relatively hard feat to achieve. My crime? I didn’t tow the Multicultural line. The actual reason for my suspension, was I dared to imagine a Britain not plagued with the ills of a multiracial society which currently afflict her. Namely, the phenomenon of Pakistani rape gangs and the near daily murders in our capital city of London which are mostly perpetrated by Black street gangs. Ultimately, I dared to dream of a return to the demographics of the 1950’s, where Britain was almost completely White, which in this day and age is considered unspeakable.

Like the majority of Brits, until very recently, I genuinely believed we had freedom of speech. Yes, I am well aware that Twitter is a private entity and can therefore terminate your account at any moment, but it is a reflection of our society. Time and time again, ordinary, Indigenous Brits, have been arrested and even jailed for mere words they have uttered, jokes and silly stunts. I am slightly embarrassed to admit publicly (embarrassed in the sense that we have allowed our once great nation to fall so far) that even though I never censor myself and I dare to say what I believe, I am always conscious of the fact there could be a knock at my door for doing so. You wouldn’t believe how many private conversations I have had in which people have told me how they were visited by the authorities for “hate speech.” Just yesterday, Tommy Robinson was jailed for reporting on a grooming gang case where men, who were not of English origin, had been abusing young, vulnerable White girls. Clearly, Tommy is being made an example of in the hope of scaring us into submission and silence.

Make no mistake, though the three main political parties in the UK differ in name, they are all in agreement on the direction in which we are headed. Multiculturalism isn’t just good, it’s a necessity. It’s natural and it’s unavoidable, so they say. They repeat over an over again their favourite line “We’re a nation of immigrants.” And whites actually fall for this. Although the Left like to claim they are the opposition to the establishment, they are not. They too agree on the rapid changes we face and our to cultural suicide, they are just in disagreement on the less significant, trivial details. So what about us? As you can tell, we’re up against it. I’m not going to pretend we are anything but in an utterly dire situation. Things will get a lot worse before they get better, but they can only get better if we make a definitive decision to fight. We mustn’t give up. We mustn’t lose hope.

Nigel Farage, through sheer determination and will power, forced David Cameron’s Conservative government to give the people of the UK a referendum on our membership with the European Union. It took Nigel 26 long years to see his vision of leaving the EU eventually come to fruition. He didn’t fight all those years, against the political establishment and legacy media, for his own gain. He did it as a labour of love for his nation and his people. It was during the EU referendum where my Twitter journey began. Tired and frustrated by the blatant pro-remain stance which the media had taken, I decided to join the platform to engage in the debate. With the game rigged and the deck stacked thoroughly against us, we prevailed. Brexit was a huge blow to the global elite, and to the liberal elite which has had free reign upon Britain, as we saw a true resurgence of patriotism which is still alive in our people, and though we may not be able to see it from time to time, it’s flame is still alight below the surface and can never be extinguished. It is our job to fan these flames and to ignite that spark of greatness which lays dormant in our folk.

I’m not the first, or the last, “right wing” account to be suspended from Twitter. All the big names had been purged months ago. The likes of Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Mike Enoch, and others, were silenced. All articulate, well spoke and presentable men. The kind of people who are winning hearts and minds. My advice to you is to make hay while the sun shines. Use social media to your advantage. Network with other like-minded patriots. Meet up with people offline, and start forming local groups. Collect email addresses and other means of contacting people, because once you lose your online account, you are thrust into, what can feel like to some, a very lonely, hopeless and desperate situation. This is avoidable by taking the precautions previously mentioned. Personally, I believe that when one door closes, another opens. Losing my Twitter account may be a short term blow for me, but it has opened my mind to avenues I never thought of pursuing. I could start a YouTube channel, a blog, I could take my activism to the street, form a group in my community, or even stand for public office. Who knows? Time will tell. In a way, I am thankful to Twitter, for they have made me aware of the importance and urgency of engaging people offline as well as online. One thing is for sure, my drive and passion for this nation will not slacken. As I hope yours won’t either.

This is a fight for our survival; a fight for our culture, our heritage and our future. A fight in which losing is not an option.

Scott Anthony – @Politikking




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