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Opinion: Leave The Internet, Go To The Streets and March!

You, a habitual reader of our articles and somebody that already has some knowledge about the society and political reality that surrounds you, it’s time to abandon the keyboard activism and move on to the real activism in the streets!

You feel disgusted for the evil that you see on the streets, from the window of your room, you long for change and for revolution. Free your soul, free your spirit and face your enemies.

You, who acclaims be against modernism, who rejects liberalism, who respects traditionalism. Get out of the internet, get away from the enemy’s trap. The internet that consumes you day by day, that puts you slave to mere pixels and images, that imprisons your soul and your mind; this is your enemy from the bottom of the pyramid! And not even the base, you can defeat.

You live away from the battlefield, looking for comfort in those who think the same way as you, seeking to get as many likes in the online “rebellion” you’ve published, looking for someone who feels the same as you. You live desperately and yet you do not recognise this: Maybe it’s modernism, maybe it’s the internet, the weapon of the enemy, that inhibits you from finding and recognising your despair, the feeling of your soul.

You say that you feel disgusted for young people and today’s society that does not honour or care for the heroes of the past, but you spend your life behind a keyboard or with your head down looking at a set of pixels that take over your thoughts. What a beautiful way to honour the ancestors, you “nationalist” / “identitarian”.

Go to the streets, face the evil you see, face the degenerate colouring, feel the taste of frustration, loneliness, anguish, bitterness, anger, when you see the present society. Learn what it feels to be defeated, learn what is feeling the presence of the enemies in front of you, learn how to manage your soul. If you do not challenge yourself, you will never change.

And do it now, take to the streets, because later you may not have that opportunity.

As Che Guevara used to say:

Dream and you will be free of spirit … Fight and you will be free in life!

As I wrote in a previous article:

Freedom is self-government, not in the sense of isolation from external impediments, but in the sense of mastery of human desires and drives by the higher faculties of man.


Bastion Social activists (French nationalists)


I am not making any appeal to not invest in propaganda and in the spread of communication over the internet. Quite the contrary! The internet is today’s reminder of the first half of the twentieth century, where Europe was beautiful, due to the work of our ancestors, nowadays rather judged.

You are reading this article on the internet, but this serves, not to distance yourself from the internet, but to be aware of self-control and to be aware of the reality, an awareness that enemies have deceived you.

Regardless of your ideology, of your political position, of your ideas, go out and fight for them, fight for what is beautiful, defend your territory, honour your ancestors, make them smile whether they are in the sky, Valhalla or another “paradise” that is out there.

Give yourself to the cause, with blood, with devotion. The best and real revolutionary is the one who is willing to die for his ideas. Search for your comrades, those who fit according to your thoughts, and fight! Be happy and free yourself!

“Truth is worthless as long as there is the absence of an indomitable will to turn that perception into action!” ,said once, a “misunderstood warrior”.

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