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Opinion » Holocaust Memorial Day: A Celebration of European Guilt

Holocaust Memorial Day: A Celebration of European Guilt

Holocaust memorial day

Today is holocaust memorial day, a day in which all of us around the world are supposed to pay our tributes to the most sickening crime in all of history: the Shoah. On this day, commentators and virtue signallers alike seek to outdo one another with the most heartfelt tribute, as if to somehow prove one’s credentials as a credible holocaust activist. Why? Because it’s the done thing, of course. Like in America, one stands for the anthem and salutes the flag. In Britain, we drink a lot of tea and complain about the weather. Similarly, around the world, we profess our sincerity in collective guilt and shame to the holocaust industry.

But this day, and associated days related to holocaust veneration, have a rather sinister twist. They are not, as they claim to be, simply days on which we honour the memories of innocent victims. Instead, today especially is a day for political point scoring by those on the left, in the liberal centre and on the kosher right, against the interests of European ethnonationalism. The enemies of Europe have cunningly weaponised the events of 70 years’ ago against Europeans who have the audacity to be concerned about the interests of themselves and their native countrymen.

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We see this all year round in the commentary disseminated from the studios of all the major new corporations, which are invariably Jewish-owned. When a nationalist politician has caused a storm for having the cheek to suggest he loves his country, or for proposing a reduction in immigration levels, somebody somewhere in a newspaper column or a mass-media studio will be busily engaged in drawing comparisons between said politician and Adolf Hitler, their boogeyman-in-chief for all matters nationalism related. The implication is always – and it is a very strong, subconscious message – that nationalism and its policies will invariably lead to another shoah.

When this message is broken down, and we ask the question exactly how a nation-loving patriot arguing for the interests of his native constituents will lead to minorities being marched into gas chambers by jack-booted hooligans, we can quite quickly establish that it’s a ridiculous narrative. But those who push said narrative are acutely aware that the general public does not have time to think through such matters in depth on a philosophical level, thus the simple action of making that link is enough to entrench it in the minds of the millions who will hold it with them, and more importantly, who take it with them into the ballot box. This subliminal messaging practised by the media moguls is perhaps the most pernicious of false narratives used to attack the European peoples and prevent them from electing honest, nationalistic politicians.

And of course, it isn’t just the media who present this myth to European peoples. The political class who’ve usurped power in Europe are not averse to using the holocaust as a means to keep their grasp on power. Without the European Union, a representation of the Tower of Babylon destined to crash and burn, we are told that extreme nationalism will inevitably lead to the holocaust. We may not like the existing political structures, we may dislike the political class that maintains them, but we ought not look elsewhere for answers because the end result is inevitably Auschwitz-Birkenau.

It doesn’t just stop at the manipulation of Europeans to vote in a particular way. The holocaust industry permeates our societies from top to bottom, and is invoked in any situation in order to create a more favourable outcome for the global elite. Do you remember Merkel’s justification for opening the doors to over 2 million refugees in 2015? “Because of our history, we have a duty”, or words to that effect. And then in the United Kingdom, our opposition to importing Jewish refugees in the 1930’s is used as leverage by those who have a vested interest in the migration industry, in order to encourage us to look more favourably on refugees today. In America, I believe a similar argument is presented.

The holocaust narrative has created a society of people who thought-police themselves, constantly believing that they are somehow culpable in perpetuating the shoah should they think the wrong things, vote in the wrong way or have the wrong political discussions. Everything from raising one’s own flag, to displaying concern about immigration or supporting the armed forces, is considered dangerous territory and trespassing into the realm of shoah-enabling. Of course, this is notwithstanding the fact that Israel, the Jewish state, is the most anti-immigrant, militaristic and nationalistic state on the planet – but you can draw your own conclusions from this hypocrisy.

The real question is, what should we do with holocaust memorial day? My advice to European nationalists would be to simply ignore it. Do not be cowed into fear by the collective guilt we are supposed to feel. Of course, there is no need to be particularly distasteful in opposing the day, given that the enemy will simply use anything you say on the topic against you. No, the crucial action is the one that breaks the cycle. Stop celebrating misplaced collective guilt that achieves nothing, and only weakens your political cause. Allow Jews to grieve for Jews, as Russians grieve for the Soviet soldiers who perished in the war and as Britons commemorate their war dead on 11th November each year. We are under no obligation to perpetuate this charade any longer.

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