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We are the generation and the youth against the ´68ers


Our youth is being taught to question everything and everyone, following socially and politically acceptable “philosophical” standards, but they do not question the “unquestionable”, which follows the paths that society connotes as extremists, uncomfortable and politically incorrect. To the “unquestioned”, I speak about of issues such as Islam, immigration policies, Judaism and Israel, patriotism or nationalism etc… Questions that the typical middle class worker, who lives in a suburb near a large urban center and goes to work there, feels uncomfortable debating, even agreeing with the “extremist” individual. Taking advantage of the fact that today’s young people only question the questionable, why don’t we, the identitarian generation and patriotic youth, anti-May 68, begin to question who is teaching us to question the glory of our ancestors? Instead of just emerging against the deconstruction of the most honoured and inspiring values ​​a society can have, why don’t we deconstruct the society of the adult age class, which is in decay and in constant crisis? Why don’t we question our schooling system? We must face the teachers and school organs, whether they are Marxists or “demo”-liberals!

We are being taught to forget our identity and to fight against it without having experienced it, as we are told to do so. And they prop up weak and fragile ideals to fight for. They show us “beautiful” multi-racial families, smiling people, happiness in their propaganda, but we see an increase in rates of suicide, depression, criminality, etc. As a result of this breach of expectation, we rebel against the establishment, but even so, a good part of our youth has been duped by their game. The greatest tactic of the establishment is the indoctrination of youth not to have an interest in issues such as politics and society, leading us to believe that our generation does not need to have an interest in it, because it already lives in a “beautiful” and “magnificent” society.

So it has become common in our generation to combat all that still survives as traditional, of all that is beautiful to us, identitarians, and horrible to them, the establishment. We are presented with ideals of utopias already dead, and told that everything that hinders the progress of the peoples, is, in fact, what sustains them. So they teach that culture, people and family no longer have value, and so we are created without all three. Without these three principles we become alone and without self-love and we suffer daily either from emotional crises or from being simply nobody, just disfigured atoms, living but not existing.

We live in a time where people only take care of themselves, their enrichment, their growth, even if they have to despise their family or people. And so, today’s youth lives helpless, set out in a great world. But there is a future that we must build with strength and effort. A future where our children will not go through this problem. A future where we will not say that we belong to a group or that we are only individuals, but that we belong and we are a folk unified by blood and customs.

did you really think that the generation you raised in total doubt would follow in your footsteps? did you really believe that we would accept your critique of all values UNCRITICALLY? did you really think that we would continue your work of destruction, just because you told us to? how little you know your own children! –

Markus Willinger, generation identity – a declaration of war against the ´68ers

And beyond the scum of our schooling system that only serves the establishment, what else should we criticise? The society! The society of greed, where our parents only work for themselves and to sustain us, without looking at the old man across the street, who once offered food when they left school to go home; where we stop sharing food for those who need it just so we can buy our new shirts. Corruption, where we sell ourselves, sell our honour and people for economic capital and influence. Prostitution, of our people who work for foreign businessmen who make us “hostages” of the “end of the month”. Brainwashing, of our children and women to be mere sex machines. The banalisation, trivialisation of the body, showed in large ads; banalisation of life, discarded through abortion. Servitude, where fathers and mothers are “freed” from their families to become slaves of the economy. A society that is not the one that our ancestors wanted to build, but rather was infected by an external evil that seeks to damage our roots, for their own good and development.

What should we fight for? We must fight against what this modern world represents. When we see this world that has been inherited and compared to the great past of the people, with the great triumphs they had, then we see for what to fight and what future we want for ourselves and our children. For a folk who will be masters of themselves, this is, for a folk that will not be caught in the clutches of greed and vice. By the re-composition of morality, the restructuring of the social order, the reconstruction of the fatherland and the salvation of the family.

The great challenge that our generation must have is not to face the deconstruction, but to rebuild! Rebuild a future that one day the great ancestors dreamed of. This is the great flame of the ideal that animates us and which will burn the weakness in our world. While they try to destroy the world out of hatred, we will rebuild out of the love for our roots and identity.



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