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Young Labour Conference Bans Straight White Men

The UK Labour Party has become embroiled in a fresh race scandal after details emerged of a planned Young Labour “Equalities” Conference, that explicitly bars straight, white males from attending.

The conference, to be held on Wednesday 14th February in central London (of course), is open to under-27s who ‘self-define’ themselves as BAME (Black, Asian &/or Minority Ethnic), disabled, LGBT or female.

Notwithstanding the fact that such entry requirements are very illegal, this episode is the latest that ironically demonstrates Labour’s abandonment of the working-class, which is still predominantly straight, white and male.

The very people the party was conceived to represent are barred from Labour meetings, thanks to this Cultural Marxist notion that the non-oppressed should not be allowed to comment on rectifying other issues of (perceived) oppression.

But let’s face it, we’ve known for some time that this has nothing to do with tackling real oppression; these little group therapy sessions are nothing more than the Cultural Marxists attempting to weaponise minorities and groups with perceived oppressed status against the traditional institutions of society.

This isn’t the first anti-white race scandal that the Labour Party has found itself caught up in. Just a month ago, Labour came under fire for organising an event in Loughborough, at which the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn himself was due to speak, that planned to charge white people 33% more than non-whites for tickets to attend.

Again, it was charged with illegality, yet whether or not this will have any impact whatsoever is unlikely, given the collusion between the CPS and anti-white pressure groups that we’ve seen time and time again.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen branded the planned entry fees ‘divisive and illegal’, and accused Labour of abandoning the white working-class. The issue is also being investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission – again, it’s doubtful whether or not their investigation will be thorough, given their propensity for supporting anti-white/native causes.

Such anti-white politics has become endemic in the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn promoted certain minority parliamentarians to prominent positions. Dawn Butler MP and David Lammy MP both come to mind in particular, for their well-publicised and vociferous anti-white outbursts.

These charlatans seem to forget that the native people of the United Kingdom are, by very definition, white-skinned.


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