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Yellow Revolt: Act VI

Gilets Jaunes

Yesterday’s protests may have left some wondering why the Gilets Jaunes are still protesting, as their numbers were far smaller and some demands were met by the government, but key problems still exist within the policies of the French Republic.

Some of the demands such as an increase in the minimum wage of 100 € and the removal of the ‘fuel tax’ are victories that have made many of the Gilets Jaunes content.

But other things like immigration and welfare spending hasn’t been solved. It’s something we’ve mentioned numerous times but it bears repeating, immigration is the cause of so many of the problems in society today, of course not all, but many.

An officer drawing his firearm on the protesters after being pelted with various projectiles.

Culture is changed, welfare money is wasted, public infrastructure is strained, and the native taxpayers have to prop it all up. It is still ‘controversial’ to talk about these things in the mainstream to an extent, but the numbers of the Gilets Jaunes that have protested this Saturday, more than 23.000, show that a larger chunk of the public is now aware of the real problems.

The protests have not stopped, and they have spread to other European countries like Ireland and Portugal, and as far as Canada, it is not a stretch to say, as some analysts have said, that the protests will spread across the whole continent.

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