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Double Standards: White South African Jailed For “Racism”

White South African Woman Jailed Racism

A former estate agent and white South African woman, Vicki Momberg, has been sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for an alleged racist comment.

Ms Momberg had been attacked by blacks in Johannesburg in 2016, and was filmed complaining about the ‘calibre of blacks’ in the immediate aftermath thereof.

She was also indicted for using the word “kaffir”.

Prosecutor Yusuf Baba (no racial bias here whatsoever, of course) claimed that this was the ‘worst case of crime injuria’ the South African courts had seen.

Crime injuria denotes racially charged offensive comments that strip the victim of his/her dignity.

But isn’t it remarkable, in a country where whites are literally being slaughtered daily, that other whites are now being imprisoned for voicing complaints after being the victim of black crime?

EFF leader Julius Malema certainly has no compunction about using racial hatred to whip up his supporters, frequently calling for them to ‘kill the boer [white farmer]’.

High profile cases of black-on-white hate crime have largely gone unpunished.

There was a particularly disturbing incident recently in which Major Mohlala of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) made horrific remarks on Facebook, calling for a white victim of a violent black assault to have his eyes gouged out and tongue cut off in addition to the injuries he’d already sustained.

Of course, Mohlala received a mild reprimand and a ‘warning about future conduct’.

We’ve also received the news recently that government official Velaphi Khumalo is back at work after being investigated for saying ‘I want to cleanse this country of all white people. We must act as Hitler did to the Jews.’

Again, he received no further punishment.

Time and again we see the South African state escalate the situation for white people in South Africa. Their genocidal actions and rhetoric are setting a dangerous precedent.

As ever, we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you the most important information about the plight of whites in South Africa as soon as we can.



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