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When President Trump Came To Town…

When Obama visited the UK, who can forget the huge protests in London and across the UK? The crowd funded inflatable President being brought through the streets of London and sign waving right wingers telling him (a man who approves of abortion up to the moment the babies head comes into the world) he isn’t welcome here? That’s right, it didn’t happen. It was also the same when other leaders from around the world have come to visit, from progressive places such as Saudi & Turkey.

This weekend saw the heavily publicised and much maligned visit of Donald Trump. The man who liberals and media alike said would never make it into the Oval Office. How they were wrong and almost 18 months later, are still upset by it.

Both London’s Mayor & Sheffield’s Mayor both said he isn’t welcome to the UK and the residents do not want him here. They were of course speaking for themselves and their needy, weak mouthpieces. IRA & Hamas spokesman, Jeremy Corbyn, also denounced the visit and asked for people to hit the streets and show him he is not welcome. Cue the motley band of unwashed socialists and those with a selective memory to come out with a lacklustre inflatable Trump and badly written signs. It was enough to make him run back to Air Force One laughing.

On Friday, the masses descended into London and other cities in the UK to protest the visit. There were the usual badly made signs & banners, calling Trump a racist, misogynist and any other degrading words they could manage to spell. The much publicised inflatable £30K Trump balloon, which was going to fly 90 feet into the air looked a lot smaller and lacklustre in the day.

In addition to the the supposed adults out protesting, there were also young children out holding signs they wont understand and being surrounded by slogans you wouldn’t want someone under the age of 12 to be present of. For a group of people calling Trump and his supporters degenerate, you wouldn’t find them holding signs with the C-word all over them.

During his visit, Trump didn’t take long to tell Theresa May and the government they were doing Brexit wrong and that the people who voted leave were not getting the deal they asked for. Naturally, the media jumped on this with left wing commentators telling him to mind his own business. Something they didn’t do themselves during his campaign.

Saturday the “Pro-Trump” gathering in London. Whilst it did not match the protests numbers, what it lacked in people it made up for it in patriotism for both the UK and USA and was far more good-natured. It also coincided with the monthly “Free Tommy” protest shortly after where an inflatable Sadiq Khan being intimate with a pig was on display.

Saturday afternoon also saw the Trump UK party. The Jameson pub in Hammersmith was taken over with USA flags & UK flags and also changed its name to the “Trump Arms” for the duration of his stay. The party, organised by a small group of patriots over the last few months was endorsed by Donald Trump himself during an interview with ‘The Sun’ newspaper. The ticket only event was threatened to be shut down by Antifa and other far left agitators who kept calling the pub landlord asking him to reconsider. Luckily, the landlord is made of sterner stuff and didn’t give in.

On arrival to the party, there were a few anti Trump protestors, namely 6 girls all under 18 who decided to give up and go home after a few hours. There was also a few vocal residents and other than a few thrown plastic bottles into the front garden of the pub, it went off without a hitch.

A BBC Three documentary crew were also present and its yet to be seen what angle they will take on the organisers and the party itself. Inside the flag adorned pub was Trump cut out and a gold framed picture of Trump and Farage.

Unfortunately, Trump himself couldnt be present however a look alike did make it there, along with some other high profile UK & US Twitter & YouTube commentators. Everyone there however is fully behind his strict immigration policy and his view on Islam.

Courtesy of The Trump Arms

What this weekend showed, yet again, is that a large section of the public will moan when the person they elected will not uphold their promises (and rightly so…Theresa May) but for some reason, they will come out and show even more contempt for someone who is actually trying to do what he actually promised. Some people just can’t win.


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