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What Has Changed Over the Years in France?

France were world champions in football last Sunday. A country that has marked the last times by the extreme ethnic diversity and even having been champion, it did not hide a France full of internal and social problems, as it was possible to verify by the tragic events occurred in several cities of the country, in which two people died and several were injured, during the acts of vandalism and anarchism in the Sunday celebrations.

With 4% of the population of African origin, mostly unemployed and idle, without producing wealth for the country and where they survive from subsidies of governmental resources, which are increasingly running out, France is closer to a decay and an economical abyss.

Riots in the streets of Paris in the world cup final celebrations.

However, tens of years ago, France was already a country with immigration and a society composed of many other cultures and many other European indigenous peoples, who easily adapted to the country, to the French culture and traditions and were therefore equally welcomed.

Precisely something has changed, something has happened… But what was it?

The problem is, therefore, in the French people, who, despite not being prepared to welcome this migratory mass that has reached the Gauls, continue to vote and elect those who want a multicultural France and Europe for their own interest. Thus the differences lie in the profile of the current and former immigrants.

Twenty years ago, when France conquered its first football world cup, the French people took the streets and celebrated in a civilised and orderly way, in conjunction with millions of immigrants who lived and worked in common with the French people and together rebuilt a France with immigration that was fixed to the social and cultural values of the host country. What we saw this week was not a celebration, but rather a set of riots that happened all over the country motivated by vandalism and anarchic extremism on the part of non-conformed immigrants.

Riots in the streets of Paris in the world cup final celebrations.

And there is much to be said of the new France and its new population, whose clear and explicit intention and objectives are to live on the behalf of social and governmental systems, disrespecting and overlapping the societies and the cultural and civilisation values of France and Europe, to later refuse to accept such values, advancing towards the imposition of their ethno-Muslim values and ending with the subsequent refusal to recognise the right and existence of cultures other than theirs. It has been thus, over hundreds of years, the aims and methods of the Islamists.

Muslim protesters claiming Islam will dominate the world.

Not wanting to see this reality is to live in deep denial, to which one day they will have to wake up whether they like it or not. It is hoped that they do not wake up too late, but in many European cities it already is.

One thing is certain today’s France is no longer the same as it was twenty or fifteen years ago. And it does not seem that it has changed for the better, quite the opposite… And the proof of this is already clearly visible on the streets.

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