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Westminster Attack: More Violence Hits Lawless London

Westminster Terror Attack

The failures of multi-racialism were on show yet again this morning, as Westminster, the heart of London, was struck by what police have confirmed to be a terrorist incident.

The suspect mounted the pavement near the Houses of Parliament at around 7.30 this morning, apparently targeting cyclists and pedestrians. His assault was halted, ironically, when his vehicle crashed into Westminster’s very own “diversity barriers” – at least we know they work…

A suspect was arrested at the scene and questioned by police. In an unexpected plot twist, police quickly revealed the suspect wasn’t cooperating…

Whilst the police haven’t revealed any details of the attacker – except to emphasise he’s a British citizen just like you or I! – images emerged showing (surprise, surprise) a black man being arrested at the scene.

Conservative Security Minister Ben Wallace spoke to the press to describe the suspect as “a British citizen originally from another country”. Is it me or are they inventing progressively more complex ways of saying “foreigner” these days?

Westminster Terror Attack
Quintessentially British, just like you or I…

Of course, attempting to report the events accurately is futile at this point. We will only be privy to information they can’t hide, and what we do get will be a doctored narrative aimed at damage limitation.

What we can do, though, is point out the tragedy of the avoidable nature of this incident.

We know the suspect, as with most terrorist incidents in the United Kingdom, is a racial alien import, presumably with a rabid hatred of the West and all the usual trimmings associated with these barbarians.

We know that one could be forgiven for losing count of the number of terrorist incidents that have taken place in England over the last two years.

We know that incidents of this kind are, to borrow Sadiq Khan’s phraseology, “part and parcel” of living in a multi-racial dystopia like the United Kingdom.

Worst of all, we know that incidents such as this are entirely avoidable should the political will to change the situation ever be discovered.

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