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Updates on Iuliana’s Murder

Iuliana - murder of a 15 year old

The 15-year-old died on Monday after a knife attack in Viersen on the Lower Rhine. The seriousness of the murder provoked a region wide manhunt for the suspects. 

After following false leads on suspects, the alleged perpetrator who stabbed and killed Iuliana, a 17-year-old boy,  appeared at a police station in the city of Mönchengladbach along with his lawyer to turn himself in.

The 17-year-old teenager from Bulgaria lives in Viersen.

He was arrested. Investigations into the circumstances and background of the offense continue.

Meanwhile, to clear up the confusion surrounding the case.

Previously, a false suspect was arrested, but he has since been released.

A 25-year old from Turkey was suspected because he fled police when they approached him but later turned himself in. The man was released after he was acquitted of charges. The reason he fled the police was because he was afraid of being caught for possessing drugs.

“The man stated during his interrogation that he had withdrawn from police control because he was afraid of being investigated for a violation of the Narcotics Act,” the investigators reported.

Police then started a search in the town for the murderer, who witnesses described as being around 1.70 metres tall and “of southern appearance.”

The Rheinische Post reported, based on police sources, that the murderer was romantically involved with his victim.

Subsequently, after the Turkish suspect was released, the investigators consider the first testimonies of the perpetrator doubtful. 

“Who made this description, I do not know. Said prosecutor Stefan Lingens on Tuesday.

This information resulted in many, mostly wrong, directions.  Alcohol may have played a role in the wrong information.

A witness, Ilja H., explained to EXPRESS: “I was sitting in the park. A young woman came running up to me and shouted “I’m dying, I’m dying”. I caught her. She collapsed. Then I alerted the ambulance. I saw a young man fleeing, he was dark-skinned, around 20 years old, rather southeastern European.”

The victim Iuliana R. is from Romania. Her family has been living in Germany for many years. Her ‘friend’ was Bulgarian.

Iuliana knew her killer.

The victim had met with her ‘friend’ in the park on Monday. The knife is said to have been rammed several times in the girl’s lower abdomen.

My daughter knew Iulia,” says the Viersenerin Johanna Pastos. “When we saw the picture of her in the paper this morning, the tears came directly into our eyes,”says Johanna visibly moved.

In the meantime, the girl’s parents have set up commemorative candles near the park bench where their child was murdered and our hearts go out to them.




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