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UN Migration Pact: Who is in and who is out in Europe?

The controversial United Nation’s Global Compact for migration has been quite spoken lately with very divisive opinions from both the public and their respective governments. However, a clear trend has emerged ever since the migration crisis began in Europe, with Eastern Europe plus Italy against Globalism while most Western European countries sidelining with our globalist overlords. So, we asked the question in the weekend before it’s signature that will be held on 10 – 11 December in Marrakesh, Morocco, who is in and who is out in the old continent? Let’s start from West to East.

The Iberian countries, Portugal and Spain, both with left-leaning socialist governments, already stated that will sign the pact when the time comes. Moving upwards to France, the unpopular French president Macron already called the deal ‘a good text’, hinting that he will sign the deal. Across the channel, not surprisingly the UK prime minister Teresa May already confirmed she would sign the document, as for Ireland, the Irish prime minister recently celebrated that “since 2011 about 120,000 people have become Irish citizens, strengthening our economy, running our public services and enriching our society” clearing any doubt of which side he will hold on to.

As for the Benelux countries, Belgium’s prime minister confirmed he will sign the deal, after much confusion and a heated debate around the pact, the nationalist N-VA leaves the government coalition under the pressure of the Vlaams-Belang (Flemish Nationalist) party, making the government of Charles Michel a minority government. The Netherlands and Luxembourg are also expected to sign the deal. Germany’s government under Merkel already backed the controversial document, with not much surprises from the same leader who opened Europe’s doors to millions of migrants in 2015.

The Nordic countries are expected to join the pact, with Norway, Sweden, already giving green light to the deal while Denmark being the only exception, with Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen stating “The government would never dream of signing something that weakens our ability to implement the strict immigration policies we have in Denmark.” However, Mr Rasmussen will be attending the conference after Denmark’s immigration minister said she wouldn’t attend the gathering, showing a big divide across the Danish government as well.

Moving Eastwards, all 3 Baltic countries rejected the deal, as well as the Visegrad group comprising Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, following Austria’s example. The popular Italian prime minister Matteo Salvini already said he would step out of the deal too while Switzerland had a late withdrawal from the pact after lawmakers insisted they have the final say on the matter.

In the Balkan region, however, Bulgaria already said it would be out of the pact, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro already showed themselves interested in joining the deal, Bosnia and Albania already signed the document while Serbia Macedonia, Romania and Greece remain ambiguous at this point.

Here in the map below we can see in blue, the countries who have shown support or that would be signing the deal, in red the countries that shown opposition or that wouldn’t be signing it and even attending the conference, not coloured are the countries that haven’t made a clear position about it.
Note that it’s based on information based on what government officials have said until the eve of the pact (December the 9th) and things can change during the conference.

As we can see, the controversial document, which establishes migration as a universal human right and wants to criminalize anti-migrant sentiment, together with opposing views towards migration, has caused strong reactions across Europe, splitting it within two blocks, the Globalist West and the Nationalist East.

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