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UK: Pakistani Grooming Gangs Operating ‘Since 1970’s’

Pakistani Grooming Gangs

Newly discovered newspaper clippings demonstrate that the UK authorities have known about Pakistani grooming gangs operating in the country since at least 1975.

The newspaper clipping from the Rotherham Advertiser, pictured below, describes a house in Rotherham where “immigrants took English girls upstairs”.

The 1975 column said of one particular girl in question: “a Pakistani took her to a certain house in Rotherham”.

Many of you will remember that the English town of Rotherham was the scene of a particularly harrowing case of Child Sexual Exploitation – the media’s pleasant way of saying gang rape – in which numerous Pakistani men were implicated in the grooming and brutal gang rape of underage English girls.

Just in the last week, the issue of Pakistani grooming gangs was in the spotlight again after 20 Pakistanis were convicted of over 150 offences against girls as young as 11 in Huddersfield.

Needless to say, the victims are all indigenous English girls.

The discovery of these newspaper reports from the ’70s raises questions as to what the authorities knew and when they knew it. According to reports in 2010, the Home Office had known about the issue of Pakistani men gang-raping young English girls as early as 2002.

But if this issue had been raised publicly in 1975, why did the authorities wait almost 40 years before acting?

The answer to this question lies at the end of the clipping pictured above: they blamed the girls. “She knew she had done wrong and was very sorry”, the column ends.

This should make everybody really, really angry.

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