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UK Government Humiliates The English With “Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day”

UK Government announces Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day

The British government has moved to designate the 22nd April, the day before England’s national day, as ‘Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day’, in a cynical ploy to remind the English people how horribly racist they are.

Stephen Lawrence, a young black man, was murdered in 1993 allegedly by a gang of white youths. In the years since, we’ve been fed this manipulative narrative that the native English people are inherently racist and that, if this racism isn’t kept in check, we’ll all go around murdering young black men for no reason.

There have also been accusations of ‘institutional racism’ directed at the metropolitan police for their handling of the case.

Thus today, we are forced to observe weeks of sycophantic outpouring every year in the weeks surrounding the anniversary of Lawrence’s death. This year has been particularly intensive, with television documentaries, parliamentary questions and total print press saturation.

And now, as if to offer the English people yet another kick in the teeth, the Prime Minister announced – on St George’s Day – that the 22nd April will be commemorated as the annual Stephen Lawrence Memorial day. The timing of this announcement is no accident – the immigrant advocates want to ensure that the English people feel nothing but shame for their nation, clouding every merry occasion with a firm reminder of our guilt.

Of course, our esteemed conservative Prime Minister appears to have forgotten than hundreds of thousands of native English people have been the victims of coloured crime in the years since the Laurence murder. Conversely, one has to go back to 1993 to find an example of blacks being murdered by English people purely on account of their skin colour.

It’s estimated by police whistle-blowers that as many as 600,000 English girls could have been the victims of Pakistani rape gangs. In the main, these victims haven’t merited so much as a parliamentary enquiry, let alone a memorial day – presumably because they’re the wrong colour.

Additionally, a fact sheet produced by the British National Party in 2009 suggests that 167 white people had been the victims of racially motivated murder in the UK… compared to the one black man who was murdered for similar reasons in 1993.

And what of Lee Rigby, the British soldier who was hacked to death by two black men in the middle of London a few years ago, simply for being an “infidel”? Of course, the shameful British establishment can barely speak his name, let alone consider a memorial day.

The government of the United Kingdom is an abject disgrace.


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