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UK “Conservatives” Spread Leftist Propaganda

Theresa May Leftist

It’s been clear for some time now that the British Conservative Party is actually anything but. Their enthusiastic dissemination of leftist propaganda only serves to reinforce this fact.

The so-called gender pay gap is quite easily debunked by anyone with a reasonable grasp of mathematics, yet the Conservative government has taken up the mantle on this issue with such astounding rigour.

Their latest legislative farce will name and shame companies with “gender pay gaps”, essentially scapegoating the male-dominated business world for the female gender’s choices.

For those who don’t know, gender-based wage discrimination has been outlawed in the United Kingdom for almost half a century. Harold Wilson’s Labour government passed the Equal Pay Act in 1970, enshrining equal pay for equal work in legislation.

The Conservatives, however, don’t seem to grasp the ‘equal work’ part of this equation. Instead of asking why statistically women earn less than men, they’ve taken on this mindless liberal critique.

Who needs leftists when the superficial conservatives are taking up their causes anyway?

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