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News » Tunisian Muslim convicted of child abuse after marrying 15 year old Swiss in order to rape her
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Tunisian Muslim convicted of child abuse after marrying 15 year old Swiss in order to rape her

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An unemployed, Muslim, migrant from Tunisia has been found guilty of child abuse after having sex with (raping) a 15-year-old Swiss girl who the man is said to have ‘married’ during Ramadan in 2016.

The 40-year-old supposedly met the 15-year-old in 2016 and claims that she told him that she was 19 at the time. He ‘married’ the minor during Ramadan so he could abuse her.

“I had to marry her to be able to have sex with her during Ramadan.” said Habib, the union violates Swiss law: the bride was only 15 years old, far from the 18 required for a wedding.

The immigrant claimed to have suspected that the girl was underage and despite confirming this with her mother, he continued the ‘relationship’. In order to save face the two were married in the Mosquée de Lausanne where the age of the minor was, apparently, unquestioned.

After this ‘marriage’ the Tunisian went back to his country for a time and in the meantime learned that his ‘wife’ had been unfaithful whereupon he did not want her anymore.

The girl’s parents, who did not know about the union, between the 40-year-old and their teen daughter, filed a complaint with the police on her behalf.

The migrant, who is also said to have beaten his five-year-old child, was convicted and given a five year suspended sentence, and will be billed 12,000 Swiss Francs in court fees.

With the influx of immigrants from the 3rd world cases of child marriage across the continent have spiked, with more than a 1000 cases recorded in Germany in 2016 alone.

These cases are nothing special in the Middle East and North Africa, while Europe considers them abhorrent. Multiculturalism demands respect for these barbaric practices and Western politically correct leaders have yet to put a stop to this.

Sources: Breitbart , 20 Minutes

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