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The True Cost of Mass Immigration

Almost 90% of the “migrants” from the 2015 surge in the Netherlands remain unemployed, numbers that are disconcertingly similar across the entirety of Europe, with the most extreme case being the 99.997% unemployment rate from that particular batch of faux-refugees presently in Sweden (and no, that figure is not a mistake). Financial economist Bernd Raffelhüschen estimates the long-term cost of the 2015 “migrants” to Germany alone to be €878 billion, which quite possibly could balloon up to €1.5 trillion depending on how well the assorted Third Worlders adapt to life in Germany. If you’ve read anything we’ve written on this site, you can bet all of that €1.5 trillion figure and probably more will be realized.

The Western project of the last half-century-plus of multi-culturalism and “equality” by all quantifiable results indicate that the project’s failed, yet we carry on, the literal definition of insanity as official policy. Virtually every premise of the Baby Boomer generation has been proven wrong. There are very legitimate and quantifiable differences among the races, and no one with even a scintilla of sense or honesty can dispute that. The intractable gaps that manifest themselves across society can simply never be erased due to the egalitarians’ monkey wrench—biology. Cultures do not arise by accident; they are products of the people that create them.

Similarly, crime doesn’t fall down from the sky like manna from heaven—people commit crimes, and as I’ve for written here before, there is a prototype for aggressive criminality and deviance. Most of the migrants welcomed into Europe fit very comfortably into this category and the results are telling—which is why the EU and many various national governments are doing everything in their power to suppress this information. It would be very damaging to the globalist agenda, which is precisely why I have been moved to write about it. The costs of globalism are prohibitive to Westerners, and “pulling a Bertolt Brecht” and electing a new people will inevitably see the nations engaged in such a project utterly transformed, certainly for the worse.

It has been calculated that, on average, it costs €5,800 per individual deported back to their country of origin. These costs can very quickly add up, but the cost of not deporting illegal aliens is even higher. Despite the claim that interventions in Syria and Libya precipitated the so-called “migrant crisis,” with various other forays such as Iraq and the on-going quagmire in Afghanistan contributing as well, the steady stream of people to the more affluent and more easily-accessible (and largely undefended) West was a foregone conclusion. If it wasn’t Libya or Syria it would’ve been something else. The movement of people from East to West has been steadily increasing and this movement is perfectly natural, and inexorable—unless Europeans and their Western cousins stop them and enforce their borders.

And don’t forget, only 2.5-3% of the migrants entering Europe qualify as actual refugees. Unrest in Syria or no, that doesn’t explain the Eritrean and Tunisian and Moroccan migrants streaming into Europe. Sure the instability in Libya opened up a major route into Europe, but people had been entering the continent a variety of other ways prior. Turkey has been actively facilitating the hijrah for some time now, and the countries of Western and Northern Europe have been increasing legal immigration for decades upon decades, the numbers continually rising over time.

The costs are far from limited to just the financial. They range from the disintegration of local communities all the way up to the disintegration of entire nations. The Bristol City Council in England has refused to celebrate St. George’s Day because the city is “too multi-cultural.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your race and your heritage. It is not “hateful” or “racist” or any other epithet. Love of one does not imply hate of all others. Do you hate every woman who isn’t your mother? If you love your children, do you hate all others simply because they are not yours? Or do you have a natural affinity for them as they are your blood and want to protect them from harm, to want the best for them? Your nation is an extension of your family as you share a commonality of history and genes. Multi-culturalism demands that you sacrifice this natural instinct, which is literally psychotic. As I wrote in “Let Them Eat Ivory: Vol. III” at The Anatomically Correct Banana:

For Marxists, the traditional nuclear family is central to the bourgeoisie. Loyalty radiates outward in concentric circles (think Dunbar’s Number) with the familial unit being foundational. Parents establish values and character examples for their children, and the complementary parenting styles of the mother and father provide a child with a healthy balance of compassion and discipline…Additionally, a sense of community, duty, and patriotism often provides an individual with another pillar of strength, where they may feel they are living for something greater than themselves, and adds additional “circles” of loyalty.[1]

The dissolution of borders means that the nation and its customs, common bonds, genetic heritage, and shared history must cease to exist. To quote Victor Davis Hanson:

The first pillar of citizenship is the idea that the nation-state has the sole right to create and control its own borders. The duty of all Western constitutions, dating back to those of the Greek city-states, was to protect their own citizens within clearly defined and defensible borders. Without a finite space, no consensual society can make rules and laws for its own, enhance and preserve commonalities of language and culture, or raise a military to protect its own self-interest. Borders are not normally artificial or post-colonial constructs, but natural boundaries that usually arise to reflect common bonds of language, culture, habit, and tradition. These ties are sometimes fragile and limited, and cannot operate on universal terms; indeed, they become attenuated when borders disappear and residents not only have little in common, but lack the mechanisms or even the desire to assimilate and integrate their migrant populations.[2]

When there is no more value to being a citizen, when anyone and everyone is a citizen, a “citizen of the world” as it were, then no one is a citizen. This is the utopian dream, and let us not forget the Greek etymology of utopia: “no place.”




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