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Workers, The Left Has Abandoned You!


A long time ago, the rallies and electoral campaigns of Left-wing parties gathered thousands of workers, peasants, the lower classes, the true heart of a population… These times belong now to the past… We study the Russian Revolution, the Cuban Revolution and the other revolutions of the workers’ movements… It is said that these moments of history are the advance and progress of society and the political Left. But times have changed and the patriotic, popular, nationalist Left has been left in the past, with the new “Left” financed by billionaire tycoons and bureaucrats like George Soros and the “lords” of Brussels, who control and manipulate the interests of society with the creation of movements such as Black Lives Matter, while at the same time they exploit the populations of Africa, East Asia and the Middle East, destroying cultures and practising the most clumsy and barbaric imperialism that humanity has ever observed, as a result of globalisation, by robbing the natural resources of these peoples.

Everything that the Left-wing of the past struggled against and abominated: Imperialism, billionaires, magnates, liberalism, exploitation…


Labour rights, national health services, improved quality of life, trade-unions, have all been replaced by gender ideologies, “freedom” for transsexuals, “supremacy” of women, drug legalisation and abortion, and more abhorrent causes for the working classes… Those who vilify sacred symbols, disrespect religions and traditions, promote the killing of defenceless children, destroy monuments… cannot be considered the proclaimers of the masses.

The Left has “super-liberalised” itself and is no longer the Left that we all know from history. The Left has joined its old enemies… Capitalism, Globalism, International corporations… The Left-wing is now its fiercest tool, which urges the workers to surrender to the liberal, capitalist right-wing of underpaid work, of labour exploitation, to the Right-wing that only sees green numbers and statistics, so that the workers receive less in their salaries and the transnational corporations profit more.

The Left are completely bewildered. They are skating, in an anti-fascist demagoguery without credibility, except in the journalistic-intellectual circles (which the people repudiate). Thus, for every ridiculous and absurd LGBT march with undressed individuals proclaiming new sexual positions in public, for every “drag-queen” that parades along side with bizarre adults on the streets in an act of complete paedophilia, for every march for drug liberalisation, for every march for the black-skinned bandit who was killed by the police, the workers, the lower classes, the garbage collectors, the people with the most modest professions, seek refuge in the Atlanticist, economically liberal, globalist and Zionist right-wing, in an attempt to see their jobs guaranteed and to feed their families.

To make matters worse for the political Left, they are now the most vile enemy of the workers by promoting the entry of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East who are looking to escape the labour exploitation that globalism and capitalism offers in the “third-world”, as a result, the salary of the workers is drastically reduced and European entrepreneurs and industries enjoy the cheap labour of these immigrants.

International liberalism aims to enslave workers and withdraw their culture, religion and identity, wants to devalue and withdraw labour rights and the Left does nothing. Thus, the fight against international liberal hegemony is a struggle against the Left and the Right. To say that something is Left-wing or Right-wing in general means nothing at all and has a practically nil descriptive weight.


The “Left-right” binomial has described nothing in the current concrete terms of political-science. At most, it served to describe motivations, underlying reasons, ideological vectors, values. The Right of the beginning of the 21st century, the Right that emerged from the European Union, the capitalist Right, economically liberal, exploitative, unscrupulous, arranged its best tool, the Left-wing, which seeks to convert and subject its electorate and the workers to liberalism. The Left-wing promotes the Right-wing. Hillary Clinton only favoured Trump’s victory, just as in Europe, the Left has sought to subject the workers to a false populist Right, as in Sweden, but that in reality is economically liberal. The salvation of the workers resides thus, not in the Right, much less in the Left, but in the meta-political nationalist groups that focus on their nation’s communities well-being.

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