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Trump of the Tropics: a Look at Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro

As the 1st round of the Brazilian presidentials come to a close in, we take a look at the favourite candidate and most likely winner of this South American giant’s elections.

The polarisation of Brazilian politics, as much as it’s American counterpart has inevitably led to the comparison between US president Donald Trump and the right-wing Brazilian candidate Jair Bolsonaro. The similarities between Trump and Bolsonaro are natural, with both candidates being seen as brutally honest, politically incorrect, anti-establishment and avid fighters of the current globalist system, with much anger, frustration and outright defamation from the mainstream media. His straightforwardness made him quite a lot of enemies, being stabbed last month at a rally and causing him serious injuries, but the presidential candidate doesn’t back down.

So what does the frontrunner to win the Brazilian elections stands for?

Well, for starters, Jair Bolsonaro has a military background and therefore, he’s a fan of firearms. He defends that average ‘good willed’ Brazilian citizens should have easier access to guns in order to better defend themselves, especially after Brazilian criminality spiralled out of control with a higher murder rate than many countries at war. Bolsonaro is not only tough on crime, but he’s also tough on criminals, saying that rapists and pedophiles should have chemical castration as a sentence.

On the economic scale, the Brazilian candidate takes a more libertarian twist, wanting to privatize most public companies, keeping the Brazilian state and spending at a minimum, much like US president Donald Trump is for. He also has a clean record of corruption, being one of the few candidates and Brazilian politicians not tainted by corruption allegations, being an outsider on that matter too.

In regards to Foreign relations, Brazil being a regional power, Bolsonaro already suggested economic sanctions to communist Venezuela and greater pressure to the country inside the South American customs union, Mercosur.

Bolsonaro is also a traditionalist and a practicing Christian saying, ‘Brazil before everything and God above everyone’. As for particular policies, he refuses the indoctrination of LGBT matters in schools and the controversial gay kit used in Brazilian classrooms. He is also against racial quotas in colleges, saying that white people have no historical debt towards black people and that he ‘personally hasn’t enslaved anybody’, putting merit above skin color and feelings.

But what does the average Brazilian think of him? What do his supporters think of him?
According to local journalist Igor Gielow:
“The population is fed up with corruption, the population is fed up with the economic crisis and a crisis of representation of the traditional parties… people really don’t care about what he actually thinks about gay people or minorities or human rights. They really want a change and he embodies this change.”

But as usual, the mainstream media, in Brazil or elsewhere, keeps on focusing on the pettiest things that don’t really matter to anyone with the exception of some fringes of the far left, while average Brazilians only care like the rest of us, about having a good job, basic education, health and security conditions like any other developed, Western nation.

The Brazilian presidential elections are divided up in 2 rounds. Most polls give a great favorability rate to Jair Bolsonaro, some with over 40% but it’s likely that the candidate won’t have enough votes to win the 1st round, having to face Fernando Haddad from the far left party Partido dos Trabalhadores (Workers Party) on the 2nd and last round.

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