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The European Working Class Against Globalism

Despite the various “advantages” that globalism is supposed to offer to the world population, it seems that the European people have rebelled against the policies of liberal democracies, concerned about their security and the future of their children.

The movement of the lower and middle classes and the workers of the peripheries of the big cities, who revolt in the big capitals, dressed in yellow vests, in front of the most diverse government buildings, symbols of liberalism and of the current globalism, revolting against the police forces of the regimes, has marked the last weeks and alarmed the leaders of the global elites.

“It started as a protest against the high fuel taxes in France, but it quickly turned into a revolt against the government. (…) One had the genial idea of choosing the yellow vest, with its high visibility, that every car owner must carry in his vehicle and that is often used by people who carry out the humblest professions in the streets, such as garbage collectors. (…) It is a movement of the working class and the middle class, mostly formed by whites. People hoist the French flag and sing the Marseillaise. (…) It is basically the French population waking up after 30 or 40 years, realizing that we are fucked and that our elite despise us. It is difficult for the government to control the movement because one of its founding principles is that there is no spokesperson. There is no Central Committee of the “gilets jaunes”. (…) Activists from both sides seem to have agreed not to fight each other and focus on the primary enemy: monarchists, anarchists, identitarians, communists, they are all part of the great wave that is taking over the streets and nobody seems to be willing to monopolize it.” says a French activist, present in these new manifestations that have emerged in France, in an interview to the “Nova Resistência.”

Surprisingly, for the EU bureaucrats, the protests quickly spread from France to the Netherlands, to Britain and Belgium, with clashes between the Belgian population and the police, in front of the parliament building and the European Union commission.

In the streets, in addition to labor and wage demands, there have been several protests by the yellow jackets against the recent UN global migration pact. The protesting Europeans demand the resignation of their political leaders, claiming that they lead their countries like modern enterprises, in which, profit is seen by them as a synonym for success. But in the meantime, much more important issues are being ignored, and increasing numbers of people are concerned about immigration, poverty, and the future and security of their children.

Thus, in Western European countries, despair seems to increase every day. The fact that there have never been referendums to the acceptance of hundreds of thousands of economic immigrants, and the consequent government spending on the distribution of subsidies to them, as well as the cheap labor that immigration offers to Europe’s great entrepreneurs and industries, make the salary wages go lower and the cost of living grows higher, in addition to increasing unemployment.

In this way, it seems that the British are not the only ones wanting to abandon the globalist project, called the European Union.

However, the story is completely different in Eastern and Central Europe. While they are called authoritarian regimes by the mainstream media and by the European Union, Hungarian and Polish politicians actually seem to listen to their population. A referendum in Hungary showed that 98% of people do not want migrants neither refugees, and the governments have accepted this.


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