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Macron Wants A European Army

Unpopular French president Emmanuel Macron revealed this Tuesday, November the 6th in a long interview to Radio Europe 1 his ambitious plans to revive a pan European army, based on a combined EU military force: “We won’t protect Europeans if we don’t decide to have a real European army.” 

He also said that European countries were too reliant on Washington for their defense and would like to see that dependence ending”We must have a Europe that can defend itself on its own without relying only on the United States”, he added.

The idea of a pan European army is not a new one and has been around ever since the end of WWII and with the creation of the EEC (European Economic Community), the predecessor to the European Union. While the idea was forgotten over the years and also deemed unnecessary because of the existence of NATO, the election of US president Donald Trump and also Brexit might explain why the idea was again revived by globalist leaders from continental Europe.

“Creating joint European armed forces and a truly united European defence is an expensive project. At the moment there is no money for it in the European budget and it’s not clear where this money is expected to come from,” he said. “The European economy remains unstable. There are factors making it less stable, like the situation in Italy… Some European nations are simply not used to spending money on defence.”

These statements, however, reveal a fear and anxiety of the French president over the next European elections that will happen over May 2019, where populist and anti-establishment parties will likely take over more seats than they did 4 years ago, pushing for more nationalism instead of European integration and globalism.

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