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News » The Establishment » Macron calls for “European Sovereignty” claims nationalism is ‘selfish’ and ‘deadly’
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Macron calls for “European Sovereignty” claims nationalism is ‘selfish’ and ‘deadly’

globalist macron: nationalism is evil

Macron, who a few days ago declared that Europe and Africa’s destinies are ‘bound’ and that we should be prepared for this and welcome it, implied that nationalism is a deadly and that the EU must do everything to become more integrated.

The French president insisted that Brussels must be given power to preserve the EU as a “unique model” which demands “geopolitical, economic” union between nations, as well as obliging them to “respect minorities”.

Nationalism will lead Europe into the abyss” – populism is surging across the continent, and decentralization is the EU’s worst nightmare.

“Migration, we need to unblock the poisoned debate on relocation and the Dublin reform. We need to build internal and external solidarity in Europe; I propose we create a European program that will directly provide financial support to the local authorities that host and integrate refugees.” Said the globalist.

“I don’t want to belong to a generation of sleepwalkers that has forgotten its own past,” Yet that is exactly what multiculturalism is doing.

“I want to belong to a generation that will defend European sovereignty because we fought to obtain it,” ‘European sovereignty’ means EU sovereignty, which, when paired with his comments over the weekend, means the erasure of Europeans. 

“I will not give in to any kind of fixation on authoritarianism.” Except that is exactly what the EU is guilty of. Forcing ‘refugee quotas’ on its members.

“We need to provide dignified funding for the Europe of Defence and for Migration and we need to create convergence on fiscal and social matters. No ambition level should be too high; but we must add new ambitions to this. France will pursue these objectives.” Kalergi would be proud.

A very important detail to remember here is that Macron is childless and has a wife who is his senior by 25 years.

This man is not invested in the future. There is no one to succeed him, and he’s intent on doing the same to the Continent. Erasing the natives and creating some hybrid authoritarian monstrosity. Some would call that genocidal, but that of course, would be racist.

Sources: Breitbart , EuroParl , Euronews

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