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Juncker: ‘Europe will continue to be a place of asylum’

The president of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, said this Thursday, October 25th, during his visit to Tunisia, that Europe will continue to be a place of asylum for those who seek it while adding that a way to deal with legal migration must be somehow reached.

During his speech in the historic El Bardo museum, on his 2-day visit to Tunisia, the Eurocrat said that to end migration, the problems must be fixed at their source too.

“I have not come to give lessons to the Tunisians, we must act on the causes of migration.”
“Our strategic initiative for Africa is the way forward, Europe will continue to be a place of asylum,” Juncker told a large assembly of politicians and diplomats, to which he pointed out the need to define “a milestone for legal migration”.

Mr Juncker remembered as well the demographic projections that indicate the African population will reach a whopping 2.5 billion people in 2050, most of the young males that will need a job and hopes in the future beyond migration.

“The partnership between [Sub-Saharan] Africa, North Africa and the European Union must be equitable. That is why we have launched the idea of a new alliance that could lead to a true free trade area between Africa and the European Union,” he further added.

Free trade would also entail free movement of the workforce…

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