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European Tax Money Used To Meddle With Brazil Elections

In a debate promoted by the MEP (Members of the European Parliament) ‘for the rule of law’, the subject discussed by the group yesterday, October the 16th, was ‘Brazil’s democracy at risk’ – a known talking point of the Brazilian far left Worker’s Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores)

Together with the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) and the European MPs Marisa Matias (GUE/NGL), Xavier Benito Ziluaga (GUE/NGL), Julie Ward (S&D), Ramon Tremosa I Balcells (ALDE), Francisco Assis (S&D), Roberto Gualtieri (S&D), Ana Miranda (EFA/Greens), Ernest Urtasun (EFA/Greens) and Ignazio Corrao (EFDD), an event occured yesterday on October the 16th specifically targeting the elections of the South American country.

According to the MPs, many of them greens, neo-liberal or far-left, such as MPs Marisa Matias and Xavier Ziluaga from the European United Left group (which comprises political parties of socialist and communist orientation), openly condemned the Brazilian candidate Jair Bolsonaro, which according to them, represents a risk to the Rule of Law, human rights and Brazil’s democracy. The event according to them also meant to ‘encourage people to show their support and solidarity for Brazilian people and democracy’, meaning to not vote in the populist candidate, by signing a manifesto which will be circulating in the European Parliament until next week, close to the second round of the Brazilian elections on October the 28th.

In the summary provided by the UNPO, it also states that another European MP, this time Portuguese Socialist Francisco Assis blatantly condemned and disavowed Brazilian right-wing candidate Bolsonaro and finished by saying that far-left candidate ‘Haddad today is much more than the PT[Workers Party], much more than Brazil. Haddad is all of us.

The document then carries on with more of the same; far left or establishment-oriented European MPs crying over the prospect that an anti-establishment right-wing candidate might win the elections in the 5th largest country on the planet by both land area and population, giving another blow to their agenda. However, the most worrisome it’s not their temper tantrum over a right-wing candidate winning over the Brazilian elections but their sense of entitlement over Brazil’s democratic exercise on picking a candidate that suits their interests and further tarnishing Jair Bolsonaro’s image in a vane attempt of influencing the country’s elections.

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