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Eurocrat rejoiced after most EU countries signed UN pact

Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt rejoiced after most EU countries signed yesterday the UN-led deal that makes migration a human right and criminalizes anti-migrant criticism by saying:

“Proud that most EU countries, including Belgium, signed Migration Pact. Strong European & global cooperation is the only way to manage migration.” He also bashed the countries who refused to sign the pact and surrender their sovereignty such as Austria, Hungary or Italy by adding: “Shameful some leaders, especially the actual chair of the Council Sebastian Kurz, surrendered to alt-right fake news & propaganda.”

Oddly enough, Mr Verhofstadt also criticized this morning the popular #GilletJunes uprising in France, by claiming that ‘they only want one thing: to destroy Europe’, using ‘the far right, Bannon and Le Pen’ as scapegoats for Macron’s disastrous policies and unpopularity.

Mr Verhofstadt pro-federalist and globalist stances, by defending mass migration and claiming that popular uprising’s against the establishment and status quo want to destroy our continent, show a clear picture of where his loyalties are and aren’t, and they certainly aren’t for the good and well being of Europeans.

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