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The Word “Equality” Has Been Stolen From Us and Replaced With Notions of Entitlement


How many times have you heard or seen the word “equality” in the last week? I bet you’re edging near double figures, if not more. From mainstream politicians, to supposedly unbiased news vendors, to academic establishments, to progressive activists; the word “equality” is repeated to us constantly. This repetition is presented to us in sequences of what can only be described as indoctrination. The end goal, every single time, is to guilt trip us into thinking that being tolerant and inviting people into roles that they’re not cut out to succeed in is a good thing, and being “nice” and not hurting people’s feelings should be prioritised over recruiting the best man for the job.

The problem is that equality, as it’s spoken about today, is not equality at all. It’s entitlement. Let’s take a few examples.



Governments Should Be 50% Male and 50% Female

Throughout the West, the populations of our countries are around half male and half female, so the idea behind this promotion of “equality” is that said populations should be represented by 50% male and 50% female governments. There’s a few things that they haven’t taken into consideration here though.

Firstly, who are these females? I’m writing this as a female; a female who has an interest in politics, and (apart from a few female friends online) a female who has zero female friends who I can talk with about politics. And this isn’t because they’re told that they aren’t allowed to talk about politics. It’s because they’re not interested. I’m not saying that every single female is uninterested in politics, but as a whole, men and women have different interests and women choose different jobs to men (“choose” being the operative word, as it indicates that this is something they want to do).

It’s like the myth of the gender pay gap where they add up all the female salaries and divide by how many females there are, and then they add up all the male salaries and divide by how many males there are, and then say that men get paid more than women. Yes, because men are choosing higher paid jobs! Show me a list of women who want to work in politics but are told they aren’t allowed to because of their gender. I’ll wait.

Secondly, this disregards meritocracy. Instead of choosing a candidate based on their ability to do the job, it promotes the idea of choosing a candidate based on their gender. We know in reality this means females being selected simply for being female, as, through willingness and skill, men will already have filled the majority of roles.

Thirdly, to use the UK as an example, Members of Parliament are voted in by the general population. This means that every single MP who is sitting in Parliament today has been selected by the general public. Are the “equality”-pushers saying that democracy is a bad thing? Maybe in certain constituencies voters didn’t have the option of selecting a female candidate. But even so, would you choose your candidate based on their gender, rather than the party they represent? Let’s not forget, females aren’t choosing these roles.

When it comes to wanting a 50% male and 50% female government, this isn’t about equality, it’s about entitlement, and I dread to think what their diversity quotas will look like when they decide they want to recognise gender fluid non-binaries too.


Tests Need to Be Made Easier for Females

This point hardly needs explaining, but if we’re making things easier for one gender because they can’t keep up, then this isn’t equality, it’s entitlement. Equality means everybody being given the same chance, and the people who are the most successful are those who work harder and those who are smarter. This situation though is the equivalent of saying: “You’re not good enough, so we’re going to change things to make it easier for you.” The example that I have linked above is test papers being altered at Oxford University so that females are more likely to pass. This is just one of many examples where things are altered because females can’t keep up.

Another example that was reported last month was that the quality of fitness tests in the UK Police Force have been lowered because females have been failing to pass. Not only does this go totally against what real equality is about, it’s dangerous to the point of putting lives at risk.


As the above Twitter thread goes on to say, the idea that this may make the public less safe hasn’t even been considered. Police dog handlers (the example used in the above article) will be weak and slow because of “equality”.


There Should Be ‘Ethnic Minority Only’ Shortlists

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wants to make British TV more “diverse”. Despite Britain being 86% White, Khan has endorsed comedian Lenny Henry’s diversity plan for every qualifying British television programme to have 50% of its staff and talent and 30% of all senior personnel BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic). This means that BAME people will be selected over native Whites on our own TV screens in order to tick equality and diversity boxes. If Khan is successful, then BAME people will actually be over-represented on British TV because they’re presently only around 14% of the population.

In all her Anti-White glory, Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, even wants to field black candidates only in certain British constituencies to allow more black and ethnic minority women to enter the House of Commons. Talk about The Great Replacement! Once again, we are overlooking talent and skill and instead choosing to select candidates based on entitlement.


Our opponents seem confused at times regarding whether they want us to judge people as an individual or as part of a group. If we shouldn’t be proud of the achievements of our ancestors and (as we’re often told) we should judge everybody as an individual, then why when it works in their favour do they want us to identify people as being part of a group if it means that group can advance unfairly ahead?

What I do know is that what I’m talking about above isn’t equality. It’s nothing to do with everybody being given a fair chance and the individual being able to use their traits and talents to do well in life. It’s about awarding special treatment to people who aren’t good enough in the name of not hurting people’s feelings. Not only this, but it goes against the traditions that we have built up over millennia that have served us more than well up until this point. Feminism, open borders and Cultural Marxism destroys White countries and our traditional family units.

Let’s stop confusing equality with entitlement.



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