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Alexandr Dugin perspectives of the modern world

Modernity seems to be under threat, these days… Europeans are starting to question liberalism and its values, as well as the implications this one brought to Europe. An anti-globalized world is beginning to face the big international corporations’ interests, and “individuals” such as Soros and his think-tanks are starting to become frightened. Nationalism has arrived as the solution for problems that liberalism has not resolved, as well as the catastrophes the latter has created. Legalisation of paedophilia, massive immigration, anti-clericalism and nihilism, abortions etc… The moral values in which societies developed the world orders, improved technology and progressed for a better and peaceful world, are now being publicly scrutinised and the results of this demonstrate the damaging nature of the aforementioned permissive examples to traditional society. Because of this, the conservative elder generation of Europe is quite rightly questioning how these liberal, so-called “progressive” values are benefiting their country or their people?

For this, I think back to a conference chaired by Alexandr Dugin in London, back in 2013, at which he laid out some principles and points of view about modernity, liberalism, “Americanism” and this new global order.

Alexandr Dugin – The end of USA, is the end of the other countries
** This conference is from 2013, so some statements may look outlandish as a lot has changed since then.

1 – “Geo-politically, the US shows the signs of its collapse. We see an agony of the unipolar world. The US can no longer propose a realistic program of global control. There are some important points that are central.”

2 – “About economics. The current liberal system is based on the concept of progressive and unlimited growth. In financial economics the temporal factor acquires more and more significance. Thus, if we are certain of the growth of world economic progress, we evaluate the future in a very particular way. This affects not only the problem of refinancing of credits but also large segments of special credit and financial instruments, debt savings and so on. In the 1980s and 1990s, the liberal economy as a whole contributed to persuade the world of the certainty of eternal growth – the growth of the middle class, wages, industry and the world economy. The world believed in its history. And this was not innocent because this credulity opened up new economic strategies of globalization – a new speed of globalization that was defined in a completely wrong way. So the growth limits considered as unattainable were reached at the beginning of the new millennium and this was the clear sign of the catastrophe. The 2008 crisis was the last sign. The collapse of the banking system was avoided only by the acquisition of debts by the States. But the credit policy remained the same. After the nomination of Ben Bernanke, everyone understood that we were entering the Apocalypse: The policy of the Federal Reserve would certainly remain the same and before us there was only the bankruptcy of the States. Toxic deposits have been transferred to the States and all global financial systems have become toxic. In this way we approach the moment of the bankruptcy of the States. What comes next? The bankruptcy of corporations. Because the last instance to respond by the collapse of the flawed prognosis of eternal growth is the people. That is why the people are doomed to ruin. He will be forced to pay for the decades of wealthy life of the global oligarchy that is in the past. The future is already sold. There is no future, it has already been demolished by the recent past post-Cold War euphoria.”

The European Union falls into disgrace among the public opinion, at a time when globalism and liberalism are beginning to be questioned.

3 – “About geopolitics. The unipolar moment of exclusive American domination has also lagged behind. The neo-conservative New Century Project website is in a pitiful state – no updates, all frozen since the year 2000. No one dares to predict a positive future for the US. The American Empire is sinking rapidly. The BRICS countries rise and Communist China, despite all the bullshit about the incompatibility between totalitarianism and economic growth, will soon be the economic leader. The example is clear: Liberal democracy does not automatically mean economic prosperity. Both levels are absolutely independent. You can be democratic and poor, totalitarian and rich, but also democratic and rich, totalitarian and poor. All this depends.”

4 – “The other side: The US was forced to retreat into two concrete and sufficiently humiliating situations: The Russian attack on Georgia, a devoted American Liberal ally in August 2008, and when Russia and China refused to allow the US to bomb Assad. The British refusal to follow Washington is quite symptomatic. This is the true end of the unipolar world.”

5 – “The current crisis of US government funding is the other sign. The US may fall very quickly. It is certain that the US will fall. It does not matter if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. This is the end: both theoretically and empirically. Theoretically: The US has lost its power of fascination. He does not inspire anyone else enough. They had the chance to rule the World, they pretended to rule it. They missed the opportunity. It’s time to pay for it. The unlucky Empire will pay a hundredfold – it is the price of the fear of some and the deceit of others. The US is doomed to ruin sooner or later.”

6 – “Where are we in relation to Israel? Serious question. Israel’s problem is not geopolitical or economic. It’s theological. Its Messiah is not coming. The Jewish calculations say unanimously: this is the time, he must certainly hurry. If the US falls, there will almost immediately be one country less. Guess which one? So it definitely has to appear because all the political and military actions of the Jews in the second half of the twentieth century were oriented towards his coming. If he is late they are lost. He will come neither now nor later. And this is bad news. Terrible news for good Jews. They can promote a simulation similar to Sabbatai Zevi. A virtual Messiah. It seems they can. And they might. Worse for them. The internet can not save them. Neither the golden calf, nor the Great Lie.”

7 – “Definitive US defaults can be considered good news (this time) for BRICS countries and for all multipolar advocates – in the East, Latin America, Eurasia, and beyond. But there is also a problem. The level of liberalization, “democratization”, Americanization, globalization and so on, is too shallow to be irreversible, but too deep to be innocent. It has practically reached the core of non-Western societies. This is not enough for them to be Western and modern (postmodern) but enough so that they are not more Eastern or traditional. Thus the collapse of the US will not mean the definitive victory of Russia, China, Latin America, India or the Arab countries. Their elites and a considerable part of their society are Westernized enough to not even imagine the alternative. Everyone there continues to believe religiously in the USA and in the Golden Calf. US competitors and enemies are modernists and Westerners on the inside. Everyone wants the US to get weaker, but no one wants him to disappear. But it will disappear. This will be the catastrophe for all countries, because they will fall soon thereafter. Inevitably. Seeing the US falling, everyone will run to help them. It will be useless. Its turn to fall will come fast.”

8 – “The US is liberalism, in its final phase. The US is Modernity itself. The US is Post-Modernity. The Empire of the End. The end of the USA will be the end of Modernity as such. Its end will destroy everything that is modern. Not just the financial capitalism of the new economy, not just the financial oligarchy, but the entire economy including the industry that is too entangled in the global financial structure. Only near-self-sufficient agricultural rural communities can survive. A “Mad Max” style scenario is before us.”

9 – “Thus the end of the USA will signify the End of Modernity as a sociological, historical, and philosophical concept, including its science, its anthropology, its technique, and so on. Everything that is contaminated by Modernity will fall. We approach the end of the Modern World. When exactly? No one can say it definitively – I think it will soon. Or maybe a little later. We’ll see.”

A series of serious reflections, which we must take into consideration and reflect on.


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