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The American Hypocrisy On The Human Rights Question

Last week, Syrian civilians were allegedly victims of yet another chemical attack and western media led by American authorities and organizations instantly blamed Syrian Leader Bashar Al-Assad. Establishment journalists and Government officials started crying: “War Crime!”, “Human rights are not being respected in Syria, we must do something”. Calls for actions and intervention in Syria, but do the USA and its allies really have a say on human rights? Let’s find out.

The outrage caused by this latest attack was instantly exploited by warmongers such as boomer neocons, human rights activists liberals and Zionists. What do all these people have in common? An agenda, their desire to see both Syria and Russia defeated no matter the cost or the possibility of starting a new refugee crisis and the killing of thousands of civilians. This plan doesn’t really sound like some “Pro-Human Rights” thing, doesn’t it?

The US and its allies like the United Kingdom and France have been bombing and attacking countries in the middle east for the last 30 years. The Iraqi war started with a similar script, the leader at the time, Saddam Hussein, was accused of using chemical weapons and “evident proof” was brought in front of the United Nations committee and that was enough to start the conflict. Iraq was destroyed, millions of civilians killed and displaced, stability lost for decades, but at least the West was on the good side fighting evil chemical weapons users, right? Of course not, chemical weapons were never found and proof of the manufacturing of the chemical weapons false flag have been buried.

The same people who wanted the Iraqi war want the Syrian war to happen, just look at Tony Blair’s latest remarks on the situation, these hypocrites have no souls and no shame. The UK is currently in good relationships with Saudi Arabia, a terrorist funding country, and also backs the family leading the authoritarian and violent Bahrain, a state in a never-ending civil protest where the leaders hired foreign policemen in order to silence with violence thousands of protesters. Are we really going to listen to these hypocrites?

What about the strong Alliance between the USA and Saudi Arabia, strengthened recently by the huge arms deal signed by President Donald Trump? Weapons used to bomb Yemen and kill thousands of innocents, many women, and children. But if it’s an ally violating human rights nobody will care in the American establishment. Isreal is slaughtering civilians in Gaza and violating international law on a daily basis? Americans will conveniently let that slide.

Any person with common sense knows that Assad did not gas his own people just right when he was about to liberate yet another area from American backed terrorists, after another military victory. Why would he be that stupid? The chemical attack must be yet another false flag to force us Westerners into yet another meaningless war in the middle east.

Trump started a global crisis with his rants on Twitter, sending threats towards Russia and Syria after being elected by a strongly Anti-War voting base. Yesterday President Trump tried to tone it down a little, but the damage has been done and many of his voters are now feeling very confused about the man they elected. If Trump will break his promise of ceasing meaningless conflicts in the middle east he will certainly lose 2020, Midterms are coming and things are truly looking uncertain after the recent global turmoil.

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