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News » Please Email This Template To Your Local MP, Urging Them To Support The Plight of South Africa’s Farmers

Please Email This Template To Your Local MP, Urging Them To Support The Plight of South Africa’s Farmers


Please consider sending an email to your local MP, urging them to get involved with the current situation in South Africa. I have written a template email for you below. Feel free to edit this, or just write your own. If you live in Britain, you can find out who your local MP is here, but also please consider contacting your local representative if you live anywhere else in Europe/USA/Canada.

Thank you for your support.


Dear [NAME],

I am writing to you to ask for your support on the current situation in South Africa.

Being a farmer in South Africa is already an extremely dangerous job. In 2015, there were 318 farm attacks which resulted in 64 murders. In 2016, there were 345 farm attacks which resulted in 70 murders. In 2017, there were 423 farm attacks which resulted in 82 murders. And between January and May of 2018, there have already been 202 farm attacks which have resulted in 28 murders. These attacks are carried out on White farmers and their families by Black South Africans. The attacks are often carried out in an extremely gruesome manner. We have seen mothers raped in front of their children, prolonged torture sessions where individuals have had their eyeballs removed and have been boiled alive, and the torture and murder of women, children and babies. As you can see from the above figures, the number of attacks is rising and the situation is becoming increasingly deadly.

The above information highlights a horrifying reality for South African farmers, however it is another reason for which I am reaching out to you today. Last week, a list was leaked* by the South African Government which detailed 190 farms which are to be expropriated from farmers without compensation. The South African Government have gone from speaking openly about the list, to denying it even exists. On the weekend on 17th – 19th August, however, News24 in South Africa reported** that two farms have been targeted by the South African government for expropriation without compensation. These two farms are the first of a number of farms which will be targeted. The two farms, as you may have guessed, are the first two farms on the recently leaked list.

There are approximately 30,000 farmers in South Africa (down from 120,000 farmers in 1994) currently laying awake at night not knowing if they will be the next family to suffer a violent and deadly attack, or have their home taken from them. The state and media in [INSERT YOUR COUNTRY NAME HERE] are so keen to report on and offer solace to refugees from previous crises such as those of Syria and Myanmar, but they have fallen silent on the situation in South Africa. What we are seeing here is nothing short of race-based marginalisation targeted towards South Africa’s White population who currently only make up 8% of the country. Australia and Russia are two countries that have previously suggested ideas on how they can help the farmers in South Africa, but so far [INSERT YOUR COUNTRY NAME HERE] has fallen silent. Why is it that we so readily rush to help the disadvantaged in Africa and Asia, but we don’t acknowledge the plight of the South African farmers as a worthy cause to support?

I urge you as a Member of Parliament and as a representative of your constituents to do what you can to approach this topic on a national level in the hope of publicising this story and subsequently offering South Africa’s farmers some level of support. I fear that if we do nothing, the situation in South Africa will continue to become more deadly and many more will suffer.

Please feel free to contact me on the below details for any further information.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,




*Article: South Africa #FarmList: Leaked List Shows Farms To Be Targeted For Expropriation Without Compensation


**Article: BREAKING: South African Government Declares The First Two Farms On The #FarmList Expropriation Targets




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